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ah c’mon, you keep citing these “academic studies” like they’re empirical evidence to this issue. I’ve experienced this first-hand and I hang out with many guys that do the same thing in my city, we all trade stories. We’ve done so for years.

One thing I know for certain is that women are different and they have different tolerances. For every girl I’ve met that told me “I’m not that kind of girl. I’d never do that”. I’ve met a girl that her eyes would turn into saucers and she’d beam, “bring it on!!”. I’ve also noticed that some women are complete perverts in the bedroom while some women just lay there like a bump on the log.

Therefore, you can’t say there’s only “one” way to do something due to the multitude of personalities out there.

I’ll concede that there’s girls out there that would like a man to challenge them, and that’s why there’s no doubt in my mind that what you do CAN work.

But I also know that there’s simply the no-bullshit perverted girls out there that just want to get boned. And when they meet a guy that does all this game playing: calls them sporadically, pushes and pulls, challenges them, etc. It turns them off. I know this because I’ve talked to plenty of girls about this and they get really frustrated by guys like that.

so in essence, we attract who we are.