Here’s My Biggest Secret For Getting Past Approach Anxiety That Works Almost 100% Of The Time…

If you want to eliminate the problem of approach anxiety from your life FOR GOOD….

And start meeting those amazing, sexy women you see every day then…

You better keep your eyes glued to what I’m about to tell you right now.

Here’s why: Six years ago it was completely impossible for me to walk up to a woman and talk to her.

There was no one out there who had more approach anxiety than me.

How bad was it?

It was really bad.

Every time I saw a cute girl I wanted to approach, my heart would start pounding, I would start to sweat all over my body, the muscles in my chest and stomach would tighten, and my legs would begin to shake.

I was terrified.

And it happened all the time. Why? Because living in New York City, I would see gorgeous women everywhere – walking on the sidewalk, in parks, on public transportation, in bars and restaurants.

It Wasn’t Logical

I felt so silly. I had done a lot of brave things in my life–jumped out of planes, acted as a journalist in a war zone, that sort of thing–but nothing could compare to the fear I had of walking up to a cute girl and talking to her.

Sound familiar to you?

Well, it gets worse…

If (on the rarest occasion) I ever got myself to approach a woman, it was the most awkward and painful experience you can imagine.

I would completely choke up. I couldn’t move. I would stutter or go blank. My knees would shake. And I would make a complete ASS out of myself.

Plus, after each failed approach, I would regret it for weeks. I would endlessly replay the agony over and over in my head–mentally whipping myself and feeling like a failure.

I Genuinely Thought There Was Something Wrong With Me!

My dating life was non-existent.

It was months–sometimes years–between dates.

And if I did get a date, I would screw it up–fast.

The more I liked a woman, the faster I would screw it up. Each brief dating experience left me heartbroken, confused and even deeper in the pit of depression than I was before.

“All I want is one great girl!” I thought to myself.

Every time I saw a couple in public or on TV I couldn’t help but feel even more lonely and depressed.

People would tell me:

“There are a lot of single girls out there, when the time is right, it will just happen.”

But year after year passed and…

At 33 years old, I started to realize that it wasn’t “just going to happen”.

I knew if I continued on the same path I was on, I would end up old, bitter, and worst of all… completely ALONE.

I had to do something to turn my life around.

That’s When I Discovered The Simple Secret For Getting Over Approach Anxiety That Works Almost 100% Of The Time!

What is this secret?

In one simple word, it’s… MENTORSHIP.

That’s right. I discovered there were guys out there with the answers. And so, I made it my mission in life to seek out (and then slave under) a literal “Who’s Who” in the seduction community.

It’s true. I learned pick-up in person from super-stars like Brad P, Lance Mason, Cory Sky (the guy who picks up women with eye contact alone), Glenn P, Lee M, John Awaken… plus countless other master pick-up artists.

My favorite mentors–the handful of master seducers and wizards I hung out with–all literally made sure we were alone (with no one listening in) when the good stuff was shared.

They got to know me first. And once they decided I was “ready”, they unloaded an avalanche of knowledge and skills on me.

I sucked up every secret they had to teach me, as fast as I could. It was a priceless education. Learning pick-up from these guys was like learning how to fight from Bruce Lee. They taught me things no book, CD, or seminar ever could.

They taught me the rules behind the rules, the REAL secrets to becoming the man of my dreams–the man who has the power to see a beautiful woman… approach without fear… and effortlessly seduce her with ease and confidence.

Then I took it to a whole new level.

It’s true. I built upon the secrets they taught me and pioneered a new universal approach to getting past anxiety that seems to work for almost every man I share it with.

With a tremendous amount of research into human psychology, trial and error–plus thousands of hours of “in-field” experimenting–I discovered and formulated an amazing step-by-step system that actually makes eliminating approach anxiety from your life… once and for all..


The Truth Is: Getting Past Approach Anxiety Is A Lot Easier Than You Think.

And I proved it, over and over, with countless students… many of whom had as much (and even MORE) approach anxiety than I did in the beginning.

I would have paid in blood if I could go back to when I was a rookie and teach myself what I know now. But nothing even close to this existed back then. And there is still nothing like this this out there today.

The truth is, the chance to learn what I know now would have changed my life in the most amazing ways, years ago. It would have saved me months, even years, of pain.

But it at this stage, from what I’ve discovered I can honestly say, I am an absolute master pick-up artist. And now…

I’ve Got More Amazing Women In My Life Than I Ever Dreamed.

It’s true. I now go on multiple dates every week with women I meet walking on the street, each day.

The truth is, if I see a gorgeous girl I want, I approach her. There’s no thinking involved. There’s no worrying involved. I’m not anxious as hell either. It just happens easily and effortlessly for me these days.

And now, you can discover the same secrets that have helped me, so you can get rid of your approach anxiety… take control of your life… seduce those incredibly sexy women you see and want… and begin a new way of living that’s based around confidence and courage.

Here’s What I’ve Got Going On:

About a year ago, I decided to take a break from teaching group workshops.

I began taking on a small number of students to work with them on a one-on-one basis to quite literally eliminate their approach anxiety issues for good.

I created a program for people with approach anxiety. It’s a 6-week intense transformation program that gives you the skills and training you need to become a cool calm confident man who can effortlessly approach and seduce any attractive woman without fear… in almost any situation.

My program is called…

“The Six Step Method Mentoring Program”

It’s a highly personalized mentoring program, limited to just five people on planet Earth. And you must live in the New York City area since we meet in person for 2-hours every week for 6 weeks.

I’ve taught group workshops to hundreds of students, but I’m now focused on one-on-one sustained mentoring because it is the most effective way of eliminating approach anxiety–bar none. Nothing else even comes close.

If you’ve been craving private, no-holds-barred time with me… a true expert who can help you get over your approach anxiety for good… then this is probably the best chance you will ever get at making that dream a reality.

I’m dead serious. I’ve changed the lives of many guys because what I have to teach is real.

Here’s Some Comments From Recent Students..

“Eric is a phenomenal coach. Working with him has the potential to fundamentally change your life. It’s that simple. Prior to working with Eric, I had terrible approach anxiety and I couldn’t explain why it was getting worse. I would see a cute girl and literally freeze up. Through Eric’s instruction and demonstrations, I was re-born. He broke the process down into manageable steps and after about a month I felt like a different person. I began to think of things to say, to open girls almost automatically and get really good responses. As a result of his coaching, I have picked up and dated three of the hottest girls in my law school. I number closed a former playmate (Miss September 2004), and several models. I’m still chasing the same day lay but I’m sure it will come. I’ve brought about 20 girls back to my apartment during this spring and summer (usually during a second or third date). Three of those were from social circle, the rest were from cold approach. I slept with six them, four of whom were from cold approach.” – Paul

Deciding to work with Eric was one of the best things I have done. While I had made several approaches in the past, I always had a nagging sense of “anxiety” hanging over me. Eric provided me with a framework, a method and several tools for dealing with approaching that automatically removes the factors that create anxiety.” – Kevin

“Eric shattered my reality by showing me what is possible. This course was a huge influence on my development. Now if I see a woman I want (not NEED) to meet, I walk up to her and meet her…no games, scripts, neediness, or insincere bullshit. Working with Eric was definitely one of, if not THE, best personal growth courses I’ve ever had the good fortune of experiencing! – Spence

“Before meeting Eric I struggled with the belief that women would react with hostility or indifference if I approached them. The simple action of talking to a beautiful woman felt like a life-or-death struggle for my self-esteem. Using a few simple exercises, Eric was able to help me build up enough positive experiences to dissolve my misconceptions. The format of the course is far more controlled and cost effective than anything else out there that I’ve heard about. My time with Eric was perhaps some of the most enjoyable, life changing “lessons” I’ve ever had. The guy is a pro, a brilliant coach and a honestly decent guy.” – Will

“Eric’s laid-back coaching style and his expertise in the area of approach anxiety are unmatched. I had spent thousands of dollars on a several bootcamps with no success. These places are assembly lines pushing people through their “method” quickly without having enough time to correct deeply ingrained negative beliefs. You can tell that Eric has worked through these issues himself and knows how to get through them. His exercises and instruction are specific and gradual enough whereby you can overcome your anxiety and get you into those interactions you’ve always wanted.” -Joe

“Working with Eric is the smartest thing I’ve ever done. And I’m a smart guy. So that’s an accomplishment.” – Paul

“Eric really went the extra mile with me. I had more severe issues than other guys. I had terrible social anxiety problems–I had trouble doing something as simple as walking into McDonalds and ordering a burger. It was a huge step for me to consider coaching. Eric was willing to spend extra time with me, and never lost his patience. Now I realize that most people aren’t scary, and that simple conversations, let alone hooking up with a woman, are totally possible.”- Kelvin

“Eric helped me work through my approach anxiety to the point where I was doing things I never thought I could do. When I started, I was completely unable to talk to a girl I didn’t know. It felt weird, unnatural and ultimately impossible. Now, I can approach girls that are VERY attractive and start a conversation. Eric prioritizes what you need to work on, and develops a program that progressively challenges you in small steps. You never feel like you are being thrown to the wolves, as he guides you through each step with ample feedback and demos. The progressive stepwise approach is very doable for anyone, and in a very short amount of time, you WILL actually impress yourself! I spent years reading about this sort of thing while trying to do this on my own, but I made more progress in a few sessions with Eric than I have in years. There’s no substitute to learning this first hand, and there’s no one better to guide you through each step than Eric.” – Marcus

Are These Men Any Different Than You?

Absolutely not.

They were just regular guys like you and me who had approach anxiety.

But now, thanks to my help, these guys are getting with new hot woman every day. They’re always telling me about wild new adventures with women… stories that would make Caligula blush.

And now, with the way I’ve got this program laid out for you, I truly believe it is… genuinely the most effective way of getting over your approach anxiety… and… developing the skills you need to seduce, date, and have sex with the women of your choice.

Who Should Apply?

If you are just starting out in this game and have never approached a woman before… or you have very little experience with women… then there is no better place to start than with this program.

If you are already experienced but want to skyrocket your success with women, I’ve got killer secrets and tactics from years of coaching that will put your game on steroids. On a daily basis I coach guys on every aspect of approach, attraction, rapport, seduction and relationships.

And if you have serious problems with approach anxiety, then this program was really, and truly, designed SPECIFICALLY for YOU.

Here’s How The Mentoring Works:

There are no prerequisites. All you need is the desire to learn and an open mind. Some things you should know…

  • This is a start-to-finish, tested-and-proven program. Each guy graduates from this program. I continue to teach many of these guys advanced-level seduction techniques, but they never worry about approach anxiety EVER again!
  • We meet in person once a week for 2 hours. It’s a super-focused highly personalized mini seminar with intense feedback on every step of your progress. It’s a very simple, very effective model.
  • We interact with women constantly. You learn with your body by going out and doing things. You meet women with me by your side. I put you in the real world, and let you to experience the kind of results you want.
  • I show you specific step-by-step techniques. And at the end of the session I provide all the information in writing so if you ever want to go back and review, you can.
  • Each week you get specially formulated homework that helps you progress. My guys love these fun, well-thought-out homework assignments–and you will too.
  • I hold you accountable. If we meet and you haven’t worked on the simple physical exercises you’re given the week before, guess what? I WILL NOT take you to the next level. I love what I do and would rather refund your money than watch you struggle another day in the pit of despair called approach anxiety.
  • You get 24-hour email support with the highest priority… and I answer all your questions by the following business day (but usually a lot quicker).

Just as I’ve done with past students, I intend to internalize your complete situation… and go deep with you on every relevant detail.

I take you by the hand and lead you, step-by-step, past all your approach anxiety. No issue, concern, or problem is off limits.

Each week of this tested-and-proven program is designed to gradually bring out the cool, confident guy inside you and lay your fears to rest.


Week One: Eliminate Hesitation

Hesitation kills your ability to approach a beautiful women. Most guys don’t even know it, but they actually don’t have approach anxiety at all. Instead, they have hesitation issues. I discovered this a long time ago. And when I did, I began to develop powerful (yet simple) ways to erase hesitation from my mind and body. After doing this, I experienced some truly amazing results… as you’ll soon discover for yourself.

In week one, we will begin working on simple, manageable, repeatable battle-proven exercises that literally reprogram your brain to eliminate hesitation so you can at least get your body to walk over to a woman without fear. This is step-1 of my system.

In Week One you’ll also discover:

  • How to walk, talk, stand, sit, and “be”. You’ll learn how to make effective eye-contact and put yourself in the perfect position to seduce a beautiful woman.
  • How to take complete advantage of simple situations… that 99% of guys don’t even see… that allow you to seduce a woman with ease.
  • How to make meeting women ADDICTIVE instead of feeling like work. Perhaps you were able to do a few approaches or tried for a while to approach but didn’t keep it up for long. Learn how to make this fun and ENJOYABLE so that you naturally WANT to go out and continue it.


Week Two: Destroy Outcome Dependency

Another major issue is too much focus on the outcome of every interaction. You feel like you’re “risking it all.” You may worry about rejection, embarrassment, or creeping her out. Whatever the reason, it’s keeping you from having enjoyable interactions with those amazing women.

In week two, I’m going to show you certain techniques that will help you to “surgically remove” that problem from your brain so you couldn’t care less about what happens. This is the ultimate mind-set to have when picking up women. A man who isn’t worried about what happens is a confident man. Women know it and find this extremely appealing.

In Week Two you’ll also discover:

  • The very best–most proven–way to approach a women in almost any situation. This is intensely simple… yet… super-powerful. No opportunity will ever pass you by again.
  • A simple trick that stops you worrying about what other people nearby are thinking, so you can have smooth interactions with beautiful women in any environment–no matter how quiet or crowded.
  • Four incredibly easy ways to stay “in the moment” and out of your head so that you enjoy your time with the gorgeous girl you’re talking to. This is more important than you think.


Week Three: Escalate the Interaction

Even if you can say something brief to a woman, your anxiety urges you to leave as soon as possible instead of staying and comfortably escalating the interaction into something meaningful.

We’ll work together to strengthen your conversations so that you have a “back story” you can talk about with anyone. Using the simple secrets I’ll teach you, you’ll begin to talk about yourself in a way that gets her interested and attracted.

After a few interactions, you’ll quickly begin to feel a lot more comfortable talking to women. You’ll start to RELAX so your real personality shines through and builds her attraction for you without you worrying about what to say. Soon you’ll start to talk with women as comfortably as you talk to your best friend.

In Week Three you’ll also discover:

  • Five powerful word-for-word routines you can use in the first three minutes with a woman to grab her attention and make her want you sexually.
  • What topics of conversation to talk about that will make her want to stay and talk to you.
  • Specific body-language techniques that get women to start flirting with you RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING.


Week Four: Meaningful Conversation

Even if you can stay and talk to her, the trap of small talk keeps you from transitioning into meaningful conversation. Fear and a lack of skills prevent you from taking it to the next level.

By practicing proven and tested principles of rapport and connection, you’ll learn what to do AFTER the opener. It’s a step-by-step method, built around YOUR personality, that allows you to create deep meaningful connections with almost every girl you meet.

After week four, you’ll instinctively know how to turn any quick interaction into a deep conversation. Women rarely get to interact with guys in a meaningful way. So when you master thse secrets, trust me, women will never think of you in the same way again.

In Week Four you’ll also discover:

  • How to talk in a manner that gets her to open up and reveal herself to you. This creates intense connection, and women really feel it.
  • What to do to keep things going when the conversation feels like it’s losing momentum.
  • How to quickly and easily reprogram yourself so that you don’t freeze up and go blank in conversation. I’ve personally used this technique to pull myself back in when I feel the conversation is slipping away.


Week Five: Unstoppable Direct Opening

Getting into conversations is one thing, but confidently revealing your sexuality and harnessing your masculine power is another thing altogether. This is the realm of the master pick-up artist. In order to truly be successful with women, you need a bold, commanding presence. And I know just how to give it to you.

In week five, you learn four incredibly easy and powerful ways to open direct and get comfortable showing intent. By learning to be direct, you begin to COMMIT to interactions. Your anxiety begins to work for you in ways that ADD to the experience. This is where we get into some seriously advanced stuff.

You’ll see an amazing change in your social confidence after learning the correct way to open her directly. You’ll get used to seeing smiles on women’s faces when you talk to them. This harnesses your energy and excitement to work for you in powerful ways.

In Week Five you’ll also discover:

  • My favorite opener for going direct, a technique I created which was absolutely essential for getting past my own approach anxiety
  • An almost “sure-fire” method for stopping walking women on the street that almost nobody knows about… yet… it works practically 100% of the time–regardless of where your skill level is at.
  • The “Christmas Tree effect”–how to get women to light up with a huge smile when you open them.
  • A dead “give away” sign for when you should open women direct instead of indirect.


Week Six: Get Her Hooked On You

You can approach without fear… start a great conversation… but if you don’t get her “hooked” on you, it’s just a waste of time.

Master pick-up artists always leave women wanting more. They know exactly what to do to get her brain thinking about you all the time. This is true seduction.

In week six, I give you the real secrets that make guys successful with women. These are the “inner truths” to pick-up that practically nobody knows about… yet… they can turn even an insecure guy into a much more seductive (and sexually desirable) man… in the eyes of beautiful women.

In Week Six you’ll also discover:

  • How to reveal your vulnerabilities in a way that makes you irresistible to women. This is truly amazing stuff. It blows women’s minds.
  • How to develop familiarity with a woman so quickly that she feels like she’s know you all her life.
  • The 6 major rapport mistakes guys make (unknowingly) that instantly ruin your chances with a woman–and what to do instead.
  • How long to wait before asking for her number and what you absolutely MUST do before you get it


What I Teach WORKS!

I bring over five years of coaching experience and seduction savvy to each session of the program. You’ll receive unique perspectives on women… and… you’ll receive the inside secrets of confidence. Plus, I’ll be explaining specific tactics and personal secrets behind my methods that I’ve NEVER shared before.

I’ve been around the block more times than most other teachers in the game. I walk the walk. I’ve proven myself as a pick-up artist… an “A Lister” in the seduction community… and as a guy who understands life and living well better than almost anyone else in the game.

If you’ve been following my teachings, you know my life is crammed with both countless successes… as well as… many failures (which taught me lessons I’ve never forgotten)…

Plus I’ve gotten unparalleled insights and revelations from having been mentored by legends and seduction wizards. This means I bring a FEAST of insight, advice, tactics and skills to the table.

This will be the most exciting time of your life.

I know there are oodles of other coaching programs out there. But this is the only one personally piloted by me, the only one that focuses specifically on approach anxiety and never-before-revealed tactics to gaining stone-cold social confidence around women.

Do You Think This Program Is For You?

If so, let me tell you something: it’s not cheap (though none of my guys have ever complained).

Normally, you’d have to shell out my entire hourly fee –$350–to get this kind of attention from me. That means the course would normally cost you $4,200.

However, because I’m going to coach you with my personal tried-and-true approach anxiety program, I feel I can afford to make the cost of my one-on-one attention more reasonable.

The cost for this intense six weeks of one-on-one mentoring is $1697 (more than 50% discount).

This is, in fact, a stunning bargain.

You get the full package. And I stand behind this promise with the full force of all the respect and kudos I’ve earned over my coaching career.

And just in case you are wondering, you get a full…

90-Day Money Back Guarantee!goldseal

This means you must be absolutely thrilled and amazed at how much more confidence you have… how fearless you’ve become when approaching… and…

…how dramatically better at seducing gorgeous women you have become as a result of my training and my system, or else… you get every penny of your money back.

That’s my promise… my commitment… and my solemn oath to you.

To get started is very easy. All you have to do is click the link below to put in a 50% downpayment and reserve your spot. When you do, I’ll call you within the next 24 hours to discuss your goals.

Contact me for a free 15-minute phone consultation to see if you are right for this program.


If you know, deep down, that I’m the guy to help you move more quickly toward your goals… then this opportunity is something you should jump on, while it’s available.

As you can imagine, this opportunity is seriously limited. Due to intense customization, I can only take five guys.

And I may never do such a concentrated program like this ever again.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to finally get over your fear and start living the way you’ve dreamed of.

Mentoring Can Change Your Life!

If you are serious about getting past approach anxiety, this program should fit your exact needs. Right now, slots are open.

But they won’t stay open for long.

This truly is one opportunity you need to jump on, fast. No hype about it.



Eric Disco