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if you have fears you’re just not there yet. i can assure you 100% it gets easier every time u approach. even if you have set-backs, the line is generally an uptrend. i was obsessed about it though. i did pickup on a full-time basis for 3 years, and managed to completely kill aa after 2 years, and that was after going out and approaching girls every single day. some days the fear of approaching was so intense i remember. that’s how hard it was. in the beginning, like first few months i remember walking for 8 hours and not approaching a single girl, contrast to right now where last time i was in nyc i approached every single girl i saw that was above an 8 (probably close to 200 approaches that day), which included 4 insta-dates, and 1 pull back to my hotel.

it becomes a video game eventually and you become addicted because you find the experiences you have in life are linearly proportioned to it. i’ve had alot of sexual experiences from daygame. like, really sleazy things that went on in my life bc of it. i kept on wanting more and more. now i’m a bit jaded so i unplugged, i’m bored of the whole thing. it’s sad.. but nothing really “surprises” me anymore about it. so i’m taking a break from all of it right now to focus on business related stuff. maybe when i come back i’ll be inspired to try it out again. i also mentioned that u feel lonely after awhile so i am looking for a meaningful relationship moreso now.

but yeah i can assure you it’s hard. but after all that work. wow, now i look back and think “how did i even have aa? how is it even possible to have aa?”. if you keep working on it a little bit every day your entire mindset changes. the way you look at the world everything. so i encourage u to keep doing it even if it might seem crazy it’s the funnest thing u can ever do really.