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Just to answer your second question a bit further though, here’s some more tips for the run up to sex –

1. Get to know her well. Some girls do like to just fuck guys that they don’t know, but I think in general women are more comfortable and trusting if they have an emotional connection.

2. Be cool about everything. If you are in bed and she says verbally that she is apprehensive, she doesn’t fuck on a first date, she doesn’t know you well enough etc, just say “ok no worries, let’s just chill together”. Then proceed as normal. Do not make a big deal out of anything or try and talk her round, just escalate slowly. A lot of the time she just needs to get comfortable and horny with you and she’ll still fuck you. (But be aware sometimes she genuinely doesn’t want to)

This is exactly what happened to me on NYE at a party. The girl went from saying “I’m not doing anything with you, just so you know” to “wait a sec…did you just have your fingers in my vagina? “have you got a condom?”.

3. Avoid asking for sex verbally. It sounds like this is what you were doing. Just keep getting her horny, and take control – if she’s not doing anything to you, take her hand and move it.Asking for sex is weird.