"This is weird" she says

by Eric Disco
Aug 2

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I met up with my wing Glenn and one of his friends in Union Square park. We go toward a coffee shop.

It’s 11000 degrees out but you can’t spit without hitting a cute girl. There’s so many people on the sidewalk, you have to wait a minute before getting into the coffee shop.

In less time than it takes to tell, I spot this cute girl walking past. I stop her as my friends walk into the coffee shop. I ask her for directions to the library and follow up with “Actually I just wanted to say hi to you. My name is Eric.”

She’s into it but she’s a little suspicious. We’re in Union Square after all, with all the attractions and pitfalls of city life clustered in one area. But I think, beyond that, I wasn’t even expecting to open this girl, I did it in a split second, without even thinking.

We end up going into the coffee shop together and I instant date her. She’s cute with short brown hair (my favorite) and a body to die for. Turns out she’s only been in NYC for three weeks.

But every once in a while she keeps saying “This is weird, why did you stop me.” And half-jokingly says “I need to figure out what your angle is.”

I don’t normally get this sort of suspicion from girls, or at least I haven’t since way back when I began running day game and wasn’t really calibrated.

I think I bantered something back, I don’t quite remember how I responded, but what I aimed for was to show her what I wanted. I wasn’t going to back away because she was suspicious of me.

This is something which I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. Although I rarely hear suspicions verbalized, I get paranoid that girls think I’m there for another reason than that I’m interested. The solution to this is to show them exactly what I’m there for: the girl has to know I want to fcuk her.

I got her to come to the bookstore with me (I hear from Daniel that that’s a good place to make out!) We’re in the aisles looking for books and I’m escalating kino.

One of my favorite seduction moves is to massage the back of her scalp just above the neckline. Try it, it feels amazing. Right above the back of your neck in that patch of hair, run your fingers through. I sometimes precede it with “Know what is the most sensual part of the body?” And then I run my fingers through her hair.

Anyway, I was doing it to this girl in the middle of our conversation. I ask her a question. She says “I can’t answer because that feels so good.”

I probably could have hung out with this girl all night but I needed to jet. I end up kissing her palms as I hold her hand on the way out.

This set was a turning point for me. This girl wanted me to escalate really badly. And although this write up makes it seem like I was in control the whole time, some of the escalating she was doing. Like holding onto my shoulders as we came down the escalater. Not that the girl can’t escalate, that’s all well and good, but I think, as Lance pointed out to me, I often don’t realize when I am able to escalate and move in on those situations. I guess that comes with practice.


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