"This Is Highly Inappropriate!" She Shrieks

by Eric Disco
Feb 11

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It was one of those sub-zero days where you don’t even want to go outside with your face exposed. I’d gone out at lunch but hadn’t found my one girl to open. So after work I decided to stop by the Barnes and Noble in Union Square to at least get one in. I’m a trooper.

I don’t see anyone at first and decide to leave. On the way out I see this girl and decide to approach.

“Can you tell me where the books on trains are?” I say.

We’re two feet away from the information booth and she begins to motion toward them “You should ask them…”

“Oh my god, you can’t even help a guy out?” I say. “Thanks a lot!” She laughs.

“You are so fired as my personal shopper. When you took this job you told me you could handle it.” She’s smiling and turns her body toward me.

I look at her and notice her lapel is this furry looking thing. “This is nice” I say and reach out to touch it.

“This is highly inappropriate” she shrieks and runs off. Oops, maybe I shouldn’t have reached out to grab her lapel like that.

I immediately start to get embarrassed. My face starts to heat up and I can tell that I’m blushing. I cannot help it. I cannot stop this reaction at this point. I get less and less embarrassed with the more situations I get into, but this time I’ve gotten embarrassed again.

Though I can’t prevent the way my body reacts, I can control what happens next. I do not allow myself to attach this rejection to my self-esteem. Now is the time when I tell myself “You are awesome, Eric, you did your approach for the day.”

If I allow myself to ruminate over a non-successful approach, shame sets in and will give me more anxiety and fear the next time I go to approach. If I allow myself the leeway to learn and make mistakes and focus on a future goal, I improve.

I walk back out into the freezing cold happy, knowing that I approached a girl today. And that it wasn’t an easy day to approach a girl.

I get to the subway platform, and notice a girl. This time without no anxiety I ask if the train is coming soon or if it’s broken down.

“That’s awesome, I’m hiring you as my travel agent,” I say. “But I can’t afford to pay you right now.”

“That’s okay, I’ll work pro bono,” she says.

“I’ll pay you in chocolates and massages until we can get you on the payroll,” I tell her. (credit: Glenn Jason) She laughs and I can tell she wants to keep talking to me.

I partly stall out and partly lose interest in this girl because I’m not super attracted. I’m silent as the train comes, with a smile on my face, knowing that I can talk to cute girls if I so choose.


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