The Secret Conversation Between Sean Deacon and Eric Disco

by Eric Disco
Jan 9

Up in the snowy mountains of Tahoe, a conversation happened that would forever change pickup.

Do not listen to this audio unless you want to change your life forever.

You will also hear words like booby and balls.

In this daring interview we discuss the best way to deflect mean girls and the foolproof way to handle a boatload of attutide.

We deliver the very best opener–ever, an opener you can use when you start out meeting women.

We talk about why the simplest things are often the best.

And a very very secret rapport technique, that is so deep, it isn’t really even a technique. It could hold the key to what is genuine in all of us.

Listen at your own risk.

The Secret Conversation Download Free MP3 Podcast (38 min, 35 MB)


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