The Plan

by Eric Disco
Jul 15

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zhuzhu.deviantart.com20Almost all women, when they’re in love with a guy, will act the same way.

The same mannerisms. The same submissive signals. The same surrender.

Almost all men, when they’re attracted to a woman, will act in a similar way.

For most of them, the best they can do is try to hide their attraction.

Very few men can actually surprise a woman once he’s attracted to her.

Men’s attraction is so transparent, that by the time she’s 21, an attractive woman has seen it all.

That woman couldn’t tell you what you should do differently if she were you. She couldn’t tell you what would excite her.

She just knows that it isn’t you who excites her.

Your behavior is rote. Your behavior is the same behavior she’s seen from the last 30 guys.

It’s become so predictable to her that nothing you could think of to say in your inhibited, submissive state could possibly pique her interest.

And its not that she’s against you. She wants desperately for someone to surprise her, to break out of the familiar mold that has turned her heart to stone.

But that guy who breaks out of the familiar mold only comes along once in a millennium to her.

And if he’s hard to come by, he’s harder to hold.

zhuzhu.deviantart.com17She is so desperate for this one that can do something with her feelings that she’s willing to settle for a shadow of that man, a hint of the guy who can twist her panties in bunch.

It’s like we are all equipped with the same program. Try as we might to hide it, it leaks out in subtle and not so subtle ways.

Sometimes it’s a turn of phrase or vocal inflection that gives us away.

Sometimes it’s a change in posture or an expression on our face.

And sometimes, if she let’s us get close enough, it pours forth from our entire being like water leaking from a sack with a thousand holes. It comes across us like an agony where we could not bare another moment without confessing this submission to her.

We do this even as we know it will destroy everything in its wake.

Almost all women, when they’re in love with a guy, will act the same way. It’s written in our DNA, footnoted in the sands of time.

And when we turn that eye inward and surprise ourselves, the unfolding begins.

As we slowly trudge forward, struggling against our bodies, the plan reveals itself.

And we can begin, once again, to discover our true selves among the machinery. A self that tirelessly fights the plan and at the same time, learns to read the plan for our own making.


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