"The method is… unlike anything else out there."

by Eric Disco
May 2

I’ve been getting a ton of e-mails about my upcoming book, She’s Six Steps Away, due for release in mid-May.

I’m doing my best to respond to each and every one of you.

The number one concern was addressed in this post, “Will this let me be myself around women?”

The number two concern I’m hearing is…

Concern #2: Will the book have actionable information?

Will it give me a focused plan of action that is easy to implement?

Here’s what you guys have been saying:

“I hope it stays true to the AA blog and doesn’t make statements like ‘just be confident,’ while not explaining how. Looking forward to it.”

“I just hope it will be built around practical steps, as I am already familiar with from Erics previous work. There is already enough blabla out there filled with theories and theories about theories by other authors. Make it pracitcal in digestive doses. We all know the theories about atrraction by now.”

And my favorite was someone who said he wants, “walk-throughs please like I’m a nerd.”

Love it!

Again, excellent concern.

Response to concern:

I hate hate hate hate hate reading books that talk theory and fluff and don’t tell you exactly what you need to do.

Did I mention that I hate books that don’t tell you exactly what you need to do?

If I didn’t, let me say it again: I hate books that don’t tell you exactly what you need to do.

So of course, She’s Six Steps Away is built around very specific actions you can take to finally meet all those amazing women you see everywhere you go.

But don’t take my word for it. Let’s hear from someone who managed to get an advanced copy of the book:

The method (and the book) is fantastic so far, and unlike anything else out there that I’ve read on the subject.

It seems pretty obvious that this will work if one follows the method.

I like how it takes a long term view, rather than trying to be a quick fix.

I’m reminded a bit of another book I’m reading, The Power of Habit… it seems like your method is supported by the research described in that book… it’s just that your method is specifically about getting over inhibition with attractive women.

I also think that forming the habit of walking towards women you find attractive (and being able to start a conversation if you wish… the bottom line, getting that inhibition under control) could very well be what Duhigg calls a “keystone habit”.

Being able to talk to attractive women at will no doubt boost anyone’s confidence and better enable them to advance their career, their other relationships… etc… leading to who knows what?? Maybe a completely different, more fulfilling life?

So far the book is all that I hoped it would be after reading your blog posts and your “Single Most Important Thing” manifesto (a long time ago).

The only thing I thought of that could make the book better, so far, would be to incorporate diagrams of the method. I am reading the “rough” Kindle version, though, so maybe you do have those diagrams in the book.

Bottom line, awesome book so far.”

– Brent B. from Portland Oregon

I want to hear from you. What are your concerns?

And if you just want to drop me a line of encouragement to keep me going, that’s great too. You guys are the key to all of this.


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