Before the Six Step Method, I couldn’t even ask someone what time it was. Now, I go out some days like a seek-and-destroy missile. When I see a beautiful woman, I’m there. I have the tools to start a conversation and be interesting, engaging, and attractive from the start.

- Jacob Pollard, Baltimore, MD

This book is practical and concise. Everything involves a tangible step I could take to break out of my comfort zone. The most important difference between your approach and others: like any artistic pursuit, you must treat yourself with kindness.

- Jorge Miller, New York, NY

I don’t hesitate to say that this book could be life-changing for those of us who clearly need to do something about our romantic lives and are looking for a way to do that that will make us not just better with women, but able to feel better about ourselves and to view the world as a less hostile place.

- Rich B., Los Angeles, CA

This is a great course for guys struggling with extreme anxiety when it comes to approaching women. The bottom line: If you have real trouble approaching women, this is definitely worth checking out.

- Jackson Hunter, DatingSkillsReview.com