Stop Chasing the Puck

by Eric Disco
Nov 1

“Skate to where the puck’s going to be, not to where it has been.”

This is the advice Walter Gretzky gave to his son, hockey great Wayne Gretzky.

When you’re a beginner, it’s an accomplishment to simply have a conversation with an attractive woman.

But once you’ve had a fair amount of conversations, text exchanges, dates, hook-ups and relationships with strangers you’ve met on the street, you start to tweak things in your game.

While it’s nice to simply have friendly conversation with a woman, it isn’t worth that much.

The point, after all, of a conversation, is to lead to text or e-mail exchange.

The point of text and e-mail exchange is to lead to a date.

The point of a date is to lead to intimacy or a relationship.

Obviously, not every conversation leads to sex–you wouldn’t want it to.

But once you’re getting into conversation regularly, you stop chasing the puck and you start putting yourself where the puck is going to be.

You stop trying to get a positive outcome from her right away, and instead, you anticipate how taking risks can put you in a better position for the next step.

Maybe this means pissing her off a little during the conversation.

Maybe it means not giving her exactly what she wants.

Maybe it means gambling by closing a door on a dwindling opportunity so that if she opens it, that door is wide open.

Maybe it means turning around and letting her chase you.

The problem with going to where the puck is going to be, is that the puck could end up in a lot of different places. It may not be where you expect it.

Anticipation is a tricky business. That puck could land in a thousand different places.

This is where we come in.

We’ve launched a brand new workshop geared toward guys who are tired of friendly conversation that doesn’t lead anywhere.

Guys who know they need a little more ball in their sack when it comes to women.

We show you how to stay two steps ahead of the girl.

What to say and do that puts you in a much, much better position for the next step.

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