Sexual Eye Contact Exercise

by Eric Disco
Jun 30

Here’s a fun little exercise I’ve been doing with eye contact.

I pretend I’ve been gifted with a magical power: Every day, I get to choose one woman who will come over and sleep with me later that night. I can only choose this woman from among the women I see that day. And once I’ve decided on this woman, I can’t change my mind. And nothing I do will turn her off. The choice is all up to me.

If this were real, how would you look at women as you go about your day?

To me, this exercise is fun because it makes me start to look at women A LOT more sexually. I don’t care whether she returns my glances, or our eyes meet or I look at her too long and she gets creeped out. I can still choose her.

I look at her face. I check out her body. I spend time deciding whether this woman is hot enough for me among all the other women I see that day. This gets me to tap into my sexual arousal. I’m feeling my own sexuality to see if I like her enough. I’m thinking with my balls instead of my mind.

By evaluating her, by trying to decide whether I like her enough to choose her among every other woman in the city, I stop evaluating myself.  I’m judging her instead of judging myself. I’m being selfish instead of self-conscious. I’m no longer disguising my sexuality.

This is why it is unattractive to women when your eyes meet and you look away first: You are hiding your sexuality. You are telling her that you feel shame in feeling attracted to her.

At first I felt weird doing this. But then I started to notice something interesting happening with some women. She would look away and then, a few seconds later, she would look back at me to see if I was still looking at her! Instead of getting creeped out, as I predicted, a lot of women would keep looking back at me.


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