Seduction in a Time of Covid

by Eric Disco
Jun 29

Is it possible to meet women in person during quarantine? First off, I am putting aside all politics and health concerns in writing this post. It’s up to you to decide what risks and precautions to take: if you want to wear a mask, if you want to talk to people, if you don’t want to talk to people. This post is about whether it’s possible, and if you do want to talk to people how to do it, and some of the complications involved.

First off, let’s talk about simply saying something to women. I find that I need to do open my mouth with a few people before I start to feel uninhibited. If I’m inhibited, I’m just not thinking and acting freely. I come across as stiff and uncomfortable. So if I’m going to go out to meet women, I like to interact with a few people by asking them very simple innocuous questions, like directions or a recommendation.

Me personally, I wear a mask. If I’m going to a location like a park that’s a half a mile away, I’ll I’ll stop whenever I see a woman who could be attractive. Sometimes it’s hard to tell with the masks. I wear a mask and sometimes even sunglasses. I ask them, “Hey, do you know how to get to this park?” I find after doing a couple of those really loosens me up.

And the funny thing is, even wearing a mask and sunglasses, I still go through the same exact feelings and process as if I weren’t wearing a mask. You might think I would maybe be less shy or less embarrassed. But keep in mind: this is a physical process.

You may be thinking that women won’t want to talk to you because you’re wearing a mask. After all, she’s wearing a mask. You think she may be worried about getting infected. Blah blah blah. All these thoughts are going through your mind. But if we weren’t going through a pandemic, you’d have other thoughts and excuses going through your mind. Be aware of those thoughts, and keep taking action with your body.

When you say something to a woman, your body is getting comfortable talking with women. When you are comfortable, she’ll be comfortable.

Next: Can it be done? Can you meet women during lockdown? The answer is yes you can. I’ve gone out and met women. Sure, some may be on guard because they don’t want to get sick. But at the same time women are lockdown. They can’t go shopping. They can’t go to bars. They can’t go to restaurants and see their friends. They are having very few interactions. So when they do interact with someone, it’s that much more meaningful for them.

More so than normal, men afraid to talk to women. Most guys won’t make a move. If you’re willing to make the move, there are some pretty big rewards coming your way.

So, do you wear a mask? First off, wearing a mask might not hurt your interaction with women as much as you think. They are looking at your body language, your voice tone and your general demeanor. In fact, the face mask makes you more mysterious and could actually add to her excitement.

I’ve also noticed that people tend to talk less with masks on, everywhere you go. They act like it’s a muzzle when it’s not. If you can get comfortable speaking as if you’re not wearing a mask, it shows that much more confidence.

What about physical contact? This is a tricky one. But you can still do it. And you should do it. The way to do it is to not face her. Stand next to her and every once in a while, give her a tap on the arm. This means you’ll have to break social distancing. It may be a risk, but is that risk worth it to you to meet someone attractive and interesting? If so, it may be worth it to her.

Now, are some women going to be hesitant to talk to you because they’re worried about getting sick or because they’re weirded out because you’re wearing a mask? Sure, you can’t control those things, but what you can control is what you do.

Start out slowly. Test the waters. Do some positioning. Ask some simple, innocuous questions. You may find out the situation is not as bad as you thought and actually presents some nice opportunities.

Bars and restaurants have outdoor seating. Women are feeling lonely and cooped up. We live in strange times and that is the perfect opportunity to get out there and make your move.


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