Run Out of Things to Talk About? Try Key Word Vibing

by Eric Disco
Dec 13

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Key Word Vibing is a trick to help come up with fun, interesting things to say in conversation.

The idea is that after the person says something to you, you pick a key word in what they said and you “vibe” off of it. If they said something about soup, for example, you think back over your life to something relating to soup.

It could be anything: a story, a joke, a question. Really anything. It makes for interesting, spontaneous, and unexpected conversation. One of the worst things you can be is BORING. So have fun with this!

Here is an example:

1) Let’s say she says

“I spent a year in Ireland once”

2) You could vibes off of a key word. In this case it could be ‘Ireland’

“My track coach in high school was Irish. He always told this joke: Where do the Irish keep their armies? Up their sleevies!”

3) Let’s say, just for example sake, you wanted to vibe off of the above statement. In this case it could be ‘track’ or ‘coach’ or ‘army’ or ‘sleeves’ (you can use shirt, clothes, etc.)

“I had this shirt that the sleeve ripped and I needed to wear it. But I don’t know how to sew. So I crazy glued the sleeve. And now I’m embarrassed to take it to the tailors to have them sew it properly.”

4) Key word here might be ‘sew’ or ‘tailors’

“Hey, do you remember Taylor Dane from the eighties? What song did she sing?”

So basically you keep going back and forth, picking out key words and saying a sentence or two from your life. It doesn’t have to be brilliant or funny or go toward any sort of ‘gaming’ end point. The idea is to just get loosened up to ‘vibe’ with someone.


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