Robbie Kramer interviews Eric Disco, host of

by Eric Disco
Apr 12

I recently did a podcast with Robbie Kramer from Inner Confidence. Check it out here:

Show Notes:

  • Why approach anxiety prevents you from doing what you want to do
  • How to get past approach anxiety
  • Why you want to tune into your negative thoughts and feelings rather than tune out
  • How to break down “the approach” into easier bite size chunks you can manage and practice to perfection
  • Why trying to get past approach anxiety the wrong way can be harmful – Understanding physical positioning and why it’s so important
  • How to challenge yourself appropriately and keep going for the long haul
  • How to keep a balance between scripted conversation and spontaneity
  • How long it takes to get past approach anxiety
  • Why online dating isn’t a substitute for learning how to meet women in person
  • Why learning to approach women in person is critically important for success in relationships
  • Why you need to maintain a balance where she’s into you slightly more than you’re into her
  • Why showing too much interest in a woman early on can kill the attraction
  • What to do when a woman starts misbehaving in a relationship
  • The benefits and pitfalls of “Red Pill” community forums and literature


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