Podcast: Step-by-Step Elimination of Approach Anxiety with Eric Disco

by Eric Disco
Oct 11

In this podcast, Angel Donovan from DatingSkillsReview.com interviews me about how to beat approach anxiety and get good at approaching women.

  • Approach Anxiety is the No.1 reason men don’t get success with women (What 7 years of coaching men to meet women showed me)
  • Is Approach Anxiety the same for all men? Do all men have it? Do they have it the same way and have to fix it the same way?
  • How to build comfort in specific situations and places so that approach anxiety gradually fades away and disappears
  • Living in smaller towns where you meet the same people a lot and how it can affect you
  • A story from the field: A recent potentially ’embarrassing’ moment Eric Disco experienced approaching women
  • How a case study from neuroscience – the Chinese conversion of U.S. military into communist advocates – shows you the effective approach to beating your fears
  • How approach anxiety is a normal challenge that everyone has to deal with and Why you ACTUALLY need it to become successful with women

—Download the podcast here—


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Azah says:

normally women has this bitch complex or how to name that take them far away from appnoachirg men. Once I was in Poland approached by a girl but I was with a group and i had to go, besides I was to young and unexperieced;)Anyway I don’t think women approach men, only 0,01%.