Podcast: Step-by-Step Elimination of Approach Anxiety with Eric Disco

by Eric Disco
Oct 11

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In this podcast, Angel Donovan from DatingSkillsReview.com interviews me about how to beat approach anxiety and get good at approaching women.

  • Approach Anxiety is the No.1 reason men don’t get success with women (What 7 years of coaching men to meet women showed me)
  • Is Approach Anxiety the same for all men? Do all men have it? Do they have it the same way and have to fix it the same way?
  • How to build comfort in specific situations and places so that approach anxiety gradually fades away and disappears
  • Living in smaller towns where you meet the same people a lot and how it can affect you
  • A story from the field: A recent potentially ’embarrassing’ moment Eric Disco experienced approaching women
  • How a case study from neuroscience – the Chinese conversion of U.S. military into communist advocates – shows you the effective approach to beating your fears
  • How approach anxiety is a normal challenge that everyone has to deal with and Why you ACTUALLY need it to become successful with women

—Download the podcast here—


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Azah says:

normally women has this bitch complex or how to name that take them far away from appnoachirg men. Once I was in Poland approached by a girl but I was with a group and i had to go, besides I was to young and unexperieced;)Anyway I don’t think women approach men, only 0,01%.