Podcast: An interview with Frank and Craig

by Eric Disco
Dec 30

This is the first in a series of podcasts. I interview Frank, an assistant coach for Pickup 101 and Craig, a guy who has worked with many different coaches including Pickup 101. We discuss how it was for them when they began approaching. We talk about how they handle approach anxiety, embarrassment and rejection and different methods they use to overcome their fear.

“The first time I ever approached a girl I talked to my friends about it for ten minutes. I was breathing heavy, I felt it in my stomach and chest and throat, it was like it wasn’t reality, it was like I was in a movie. Such anxiety. It was tortorous…”

“These are the two rules I try to stay with. When I don’t follow these two rules, it makes things a lot harder, it makes things a lot more difficult to approach a cute woman…”

Interview with Frank and Craig – Download MP3 Podcast (30 min, 27MB)


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