Picking up Strippers at Whole Foods

by Eric Disco
Jul 14

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This guy is a popular vlogger. I don’t follow him too much but I’ve seen him a couple times. He’s charismatic, entertaining and funny. He gets millions of views and seems like he has no trouble performing in front of people. That is, until you ask him to talk with women.

A lot of guys are like this. You can be funny and creative around your friends but get in front of a stranger–particularly an attractive stranger–and you freeze up. It doesn’t mean you are slow, stupid or socially retarded. It simply means you are inhibited.

Inhibition is a natural self-paralysis that can happen in both social and nonsocial situations. It is the body’s natural defense against you putting yourself in harm’s way–or putting you into any further danger if you are already in danger.

The solution to inhibition is to teach your body to get past this paralysis through slow exposure. Like public speaking, once you do it enough, your inhibition and inner turmoil starts to subside and you begin to feel confident in those situations.


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