No Shame in Admitting I'm a Bit Intimidated

by Eric Disco
Jul 7

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As winter ends and spring rolls around, hot girls flock to parks. It’s one of the nicest places to meet women.

I’m in Madison Square Park, New York City. There is a path with benches encircling a center lawn.

I’m walking by and I notice this amazing hottie lying in the middle of the lawn on her stomach reading.

She’s wearing immensely flattering tight, black yoga pants. Her ass looks amazing. Her face looks cute too. She’s fairly young, about 22.

Talking to a girl who’s standing, sitting, or walking is one thing, but it’s been a while since I’ve hooked a girl who is lying down in the middle of the lawn.

No shame in admitting I’m a bit intimidated.

But that’s okay, I simply follow the plan.

I first positioning myself near her. Even though I feel a bit apprehensive, I walk over to the vicinity of where she’s lying.

I walk as if I’m going past her and then stop about four feet away from her. I’m not facing her but nor am I facing away. She’s off to my side.

I pull out my phone and look at it.

The next step: Say something.

I decide I am simply going to ask her my opening question. That’s it. And… see where it goes from there.

If she’s not responsive, I’m no worse for the wear and I’ve gotten past my intimidation at talking with women lying in the middle of the lawn.

“H-hey” I say, stuttering a bit. “Do you know if there’s a zoo in Central Park?”

I’m trying not to look at her fabulous ass in those tight, black yoga pants.

“There is,” she responds. “I’ve never been there, but I know there’s one there.”

“Like, a big one?”

“It’s not that big.”

“Okay,” I say. “Because I have some friends coming into town and I was thinking about bringing them there.”

“I think it’s a good zoo,” she responds.

“Do you know if they have penguins? Because I’ve been really in the mood for penguins.”

“I think they have penguins,” she says.

“Awesome. Maybe I’ll hire you as my personal tour guide.”

She laughs.

And then picks up the conversation.

“Where else are you taking them?”

This is my invitation to stay longer. You generally won’t find a stronger invitation than this.

“I don’t know,” I say. “There’s a lot of stuff up around central park area.”

“Yeah, that’s a good area.”

“You know some good spots?” I ask.

She mentions the Museum of Natural History.

“Isn’t there the Museum of Sex?” I ask.

I am purposely injecting sex into the conversation.

Talking about sex does a lot of good things. It raises tension and shows I’m not afraid to talk about inappropriate topics.

“That is somewhere near here.”

“Is that any good?” I ask.

“I’ve never been there.”

“You’re not the type of girl to go to the Museum of Sex?”

“I’ve never had the opportunity” she says and laughs. “I haven’t been here that long. Only like a year.”

Another indicator that she’s interested in conversation. Practically setting up the next question I ask.

“Where did you move from?” I take the bait but then pull it away from her. “Wait. Don’t tell me. Let me guess…”

I sit down next to her.

“You moved from… New Jersey!” I say. She doesn’t react so well to my tease.

“I’m just busting on you,” I say.

“Maybe with my outfit,” she says. “I never wear this. I was just going to gym.”

When a girl acts insecure or says something negative about herself like this, I never jump in and compliment her.

A prompted compliment is a sure sign of a nice guy who does things because he feels like he has to.

“I’m from California,” she continues.

We start getting deeper into conversation, talking about where she grew up. She’s asking me questions.

I still tease her a bit, but I’m also giving her more about me, connecting on an emotional level.

At one point we are even talking about childhood and growing up.

That’s always a good sign.

This girl is sweet and definitely into me. After about 15 minutes, I tell her I need to take off and move to exchange contact info with her.

The grass is a bit wet and I wipe off my pants as I get up.

“My ass is wet from sitting on the ground. Promise me you won’t stare at it when I walk away,” I say.

“I don’t think I can keep that promise,” she says, laughing.


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