My Favorite Banter to Kill Boring Conversation

by Eric Disco
Sep 10

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bennewmanart.blogspot.com20What’s your name? Where are you from? What do you do?

Oh my god, she’s thinking to herself. Another boring conversation.

She starts to answer with the same thing she’s said ten thousand times.

She’s getting bored to tears. But then…

You bust on her. All of a sudden she’s having fun again.

Here’s some banter you can use to make almost any conversation fun and playful.

Got your own favorite banter? Share it in the comments.

She Tells You Where She’s From – “Oh no, a [location] girl? You guys are trouble.” When she asks why, “[location] girls are all brats” or “They’re always hitting on me. They’re really grabby.”

Artist, painter, sculptor ? “Oh my god, you’re not going to ask to draw me naked, are you? I’m not falling for that again!”

Musician, poet, writer ? “So where do you get your inspiration for writing? Do you need someone to break your heart? Because I’m really good at that.”

Finance ? “Oh my god, are you a rich girl?! Because I’ve been looking for a rich girl so I can stay home all day and sit on the couch, eat potato chips and watch TV.”

Student ? “Oh my god, are you cutting classes right now?”


“I’ll take 17 cups of coffee.”

“I’ll take a large coffee. And put a little extra love in it for me!”

bennewmanart.blogspot.com9“I’ll take a massage and a warm bath.

“So what do they pay you here, like $10,000 a week? No? That’s too bad. I was going to ask you out. But I’m looking for a rich girl.”

You run into her again ? “That’s so cute, are you following me?” The ¡Æthat’s so cute’ part is important.

Talking about the weather ? “Oh my god, I am hiring you as my meteorologist.” Or “What’s with this horrible weather? You did something to anger God, didn’t you?”

How are you? You say “Hi, How are you?” She says good. And then asks how you are. You say “Oh my god, I thought you’d never ask! ”

She’s carrying a shopping bag or says she went shopping ? “What did you get me?” When she starts to answer cut her off and say “No wait, just surprise me with it later.”

You look in her shopping cart ? “Spaghetti sauce? Again? That’s the fifth time this week!”

Women’s Clothing Section – Hold up an article of women’s clothing (dress, high-heels, etc). “What do you think, is this me? Does it match my eyes?”

She spills a drink or does something stupid ? “I can’t take you anywhwere. Go wait in the car. This is why you can’t have nice things.”

You’re In line in front of her ? “You’re not trying to cut in front of me are you? Because I’m pretty tough” Or if you’re in line behind her: “I’m not trying to cut in front of you. I wouldn’t do that. You look pretty tough.”

She Tells You Her Name and it’s Strange – “Oh my god, you’re the fourth [her name] I’ve met today!”

At work

“They’re working you to the bone. Do they chain you to your desk at night?”

“Do they ever let you out of here? ”

“Admit it, you don’t do any work around here.”

“Stop flirting with me and get back to work!”


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