Me And Her End Up Soaked In The Park Fountain

by Eric Disco
Aug 4

There was a slight spitting rain as me and my wing Glenn and his friend stood under a tree in Union Square park and jibber jabbered about pickup. I wasn’t quit in the mood to approach girls. Then this girl walks by who strikes my fancy.

Lately I’ve been opening girls that are either super hot because I think the more you get used to talking to hot girls the easier it gets. and I’ve also been trying to get used to opening girls that I just want to fcuk. While this may seem self-evident, I’m used to dialing down my attraction a couple of notches so I won’t be so nervous talking to her. But now I’m at a point in my game where I’m trying to dial that back up. I’m trying to crumble any connection there is between my raw physical attraction for a girl and my anxiety at approaching her.

So this girl walks by who was cute. Not scorching hot, but she was cute. Okay, so what caught my attention was the tight shirt with her nips poking through. But there was something cool about her style too.

After a few seconds I decide to open her and go running after her. She’s a few hundred feet away by now. I start truckin’ to catch up with her. I’m careful not to gaze at her too intently as I run up next to her because I think people can sense that. I walk past her a bit and then turn and open direct.

“I was just in the park with my friends and… I just had to come say hi. My name’s Eric.”

She says her name and I say something retarded about liking her necklace, which has lightning bolts on it. I can’t remember what I said next but she says she’s going to Buddha temple and asks if I want to walk with her.

We walk half a block and arrive and she asks if I want to come in with her. I think for a second and then say “sure.”

We go in and it’s some kind of convention. She’s explaining to me some of the tennets of Buddhism as people are making presentations. She tells me Herbie Hancock (from “Rockit”) goes to her temple. I get all excited and tell her I make electronic music. It turns out she does too.

After about a half hour of talking intermixed with listening and clapping I tell her I’m going to get back to my friends. We exchange contact info.

As I get up to leave she goes with me. We start walking and talking and end up back in the park. Union Square is packed with people. It’s like 8:00 at night and there’s a ton of people gathered under an overhang hiding from the slight spitting warm summer rain.

We’re standing there going into deep rapport and I’m looking over at a fountain. I tell her that I totally want to jump into the fountain.

I grab her and and we go over to the fountain. I start to splash her a bit with water. But then she full-on splashes me as hard as she can. So I do it back as she climbs into the fountain. I take my shoes off and climb in after her as we start soaking each other. This is Union Square and I’ve never seen anybody climb in the fountains, so it’s a huge rush and there’s tons of people watching us, you can tell they’re loving it from the look on their faces.

Now. There was a problem. I totally wanted to make out with this girl. She was soaked from head to toe, yes with a tight shirt on. But I wasn’t getting Kino back from her and her body language was saying otherwise. It wasn’t quite that she wasn’t attracted to me, it more seemed to be the kind of position you get yourself into when you haven’t been doing kino and then half an hour later you do it and it feels strange.

Looking back, I probably should have not listened to the fact that we weren’t doing very much kino. Maybe it would have been a good time to ignore that and just tackled the girl. I don’t know.


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