Killer Eye Contact Can Get Her To Approach You

by Eric Disco
Aug 15

I’m sitting at the table with Cory Skyy and one of his friends. We are outside the club. We just finished eating.

This hot waitress walks over to our table and starts clearing away our dishes. She’s not the same waitress we had earlier.

“Hey, how you doin’ tonight,” Cory says to her.

“Good! How are you?”

“Good,” he says.

“Are you from around here?” she says.

“Sort of,” Cory replies. “I moved here three years ago. I’m originally from New York. You?”

“I’m from Ohio. I’ve lived here for four years.”

She finishes clearing off our table and walks off.

Five minutes later she walks back outside and comes over to our table. She says “Okay, I’ll be the big one,” and slaps a card down in front of Cory before walking off.

The two of us look at Cory and then look down at the card. Her phone number is on it.

What in God’s name just happened??? The two of them barely exchanged two sentences and she’s giving him her phone number?

Two words: Eye Contact.

This is Cory’s specialty. Cory is what you’d call a natural. He’s a modern day Don Juan.

This normal looking, shorter-than-average 26-year-old guy started young. He was with over 100 women by the time he was 18.

The last 3 or 4 years he’s learned to do everything with eye contact alone.

He pretty much doesn’t approach any more—he gets women to approach him.

I ask him how he did it with this particular cutey and this is what he tells me:


When I walked into the place it was so damn packed, you couldn’t see anyone. I’m working my eyes throughout the bar, I hit eye contact with a few different girls, she just happened to be one of them.

With her, the eye contact wasn’t long. She’s a waitress. She’s got drinks in her hand. She’s looking around. She’s everywhere.

Her mind isn’t into picking up guys, her mind is into working. When a waitress is working, she’s working. She’s busy. She’s dealing with drunk assholes all night.

I hit eye contact with her twice. The first time I made I contact with her she looked away first, with a smile. The second time I was walking and I had my own thing going on and I broke eye contact with her.

Before she came to our table I actually talked to her once. I saw her walking by me and I grabbed her hand, very gently. I looked in her eyes and I said “Busy night?”

“Yeah,” she said.

And then I turned around and I walked away.

The first time you hit eye contact with a girl, you hold it until she breaks it. If she breaks it and you do it right, she’ll break it with a half-smile, a smirk on her face like she’s interested. And you’ll just continue to escalate.

You’ll wait a few minutes to look back.

She’ll continue to look at you on a regular basis, but you want to maintain a higher value than her, so you want to hold off on looking back at her immediately. She’ll be waiting to hit eye contact with you again.

You want her to continue looking at you while you’re sitting there talking to your friend, blasting out the energy that you’re a confident guy. She’s gonna be attracted to that so she’ll continue looking at you.

You are gazing around and you just happen to stop by with your eyes and catch her looking at you. But when you stop by, she’ll have already looked at you three times before you’ve looked back. And you actually hit it again.

You want to position yourself so you’re facing her from the side so she’s in your peripheral vision. I’m looking at my buddy and talking to him, but I can see what she’s doing out of the corner of my eye.

I’m not going to face her and look at her. I’m looking at my buddy and talking and laughing. After she looks at you a few times, that’s when you gaze over at her.

That’s how I can sit there and stare you, my friend, in the eye and see if she’s looking.

But it’s important that when you do hit eye contact with her, that you’re in the moment with her.

Be with her. Listen to her. Feel her through her eyes. Connect with her on a deeper level. Look deeper than her just being a good-looking girl.

You’re not thinking about what to do next. What to say, how to say it. What you’re gonna be doing with her later. Whether you’re going to kiss her at the end of the night.

Who the fuck cares?

Enjoy her presence while she’s there. When you do that, it’s gonna come across to her and she’s gonna love you for that.


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