I'm No Saint

by Eric Disco
Mar 23

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When you try to improve, your body will fight you.

And then the world will fight you. It’s like trying to get wealthy or get out of debt.

You’re fine, the world will tell you, what do you need money for?

Money is evil. Rich people do evil things.

You can be happy without money.

It will change you and make you a bad person.

Just by getting rich you are taking money from those who have none.

The same can be said for improving with women.

You’ll lose your soul, they tell you.

By trying to change the way people treat you, you’ll turn into a fake, uncaring person.

You’re taking advantage of women with low self-esteem. You’re racking up points and objectifying women.

The people who say that, I don’t see them out there protesting unfair dating conditions.

I don’t see these women dating ugly poor homeless men.

They tell us to just be nice. But I don’t see women walking up to nice unattractive guys and dating them out of the kindness of their own heart. And women shouldn’t have to.

All the self-righteousness? Thanks but no thanks. We don’t need it. We can help ourselves, thank you very much.

Some of the guys that I coach are virgins or have never been in a relationship before.

A guy at our last workshop is parapalegic. He ended up making out with three different hot girls.

Another guy was so shy he could barely look a woman in the face. He’s been getting dates with women now.

A lot of the guys who take the workshops are already decent with women and just want to get REALLY GOOD.

I’m no saint. Believe me. And I don’t even say that because I make a meager salary for this.

I say it because I’m IN IT FOR ME. I do this stuff so that I get better at it. I’m not doing anyone any favors.

I enjoy working with these guys and teaching them how to flirt and connect with women they’re attracted to. It’s so inspiring to me to see these guys struggle with their challenges and overcome, just like I do.

The comments on this site have been overwhelmingly supportive and, if not supportive, insightfully critical and I welcome that.

The few haters out there who tell us to go on living our lives in social poverty, that’s fine. Thanks for your input as well.

I recently got out of a relationship with a wonderful woman I met through pickup and I’ve been reassessing everything and stepping back from what I love doing (just a bit!).

I’ve met some awesome, amazing men and women doing this stuff, close friends who I wouldn’t trade for anything. My love goes out to all of you.

Keep up the good fight.


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