"I'm just not cool enough" Interview with Barry Kirkey a.k.a. 26 a.k.a. Extramask

by Eric Disco
Feb 15

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Whatever you do, do not model yourself after this guy.

Barry Kirkey just doesn’t give a shit. He says whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

“On first dates? I usually bring a small child with me and make her watch me molest the child,” he says to me in this podcast.

Barry is out there to amuse himself, not anyone else. And it drives women away. Or so you’d think.

In actuality, they come flocking. Women love it.

What is cooler than a guy who is there for his own amusement? “I don’t say things to try to be funny. I would rather get a reaction of disgust or wondering what the hell is going on rather than laughter.”

Barry is a former RSD instructor and is starting his own company and we decided it was time to talk. And talk we did!

“I’d stare down girls and freak them out, people were probably like ‘Hey, have you seen that rapist in building 3?'”

“There’s so many companies that say do it this way, do it that way, and in reality, you can do it however you want.”

Amuse Yourself First – Download Free MP3 Podcast (41 min, 38 MB)


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