"I Love When a Girl Calls Me an A**hole" – 2nd Podcast with Cory Skyy

by Eric Disco
Sep 2

This is the second interview with “one of the best naturals ever,” Cory Skyy (BadBoyWithAHeart.com). And it’s one of our best podcasts yet.

In this podcast we go into specific detail and give away tons of valuble techniques for being the bad boy. We also discuss interactions with women over the weekend and analyze them. Do not miss this podcast!

  • Why Cory likes it when a girl calls him an a**hole
  • How and why to tease a girl relentlessly
  • What to tease her about
  • The best way to stand when you’re with her
  • How and when to connect with her
  • How talking less can get her to talk more
  • The best way to walk around a bar
  • Eye contact basics and mindset
  • When to walk away from a girl and show physical disinterest
  • How and why to approach a girl indirectly
  • Cory’s powerful method for approaching her sincerely
  • A deadly technique to escalate the sexual tension?without saying a word

Be the Bad Boy Download Free MP3 Podcast (38 min, 35 MB)


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