I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell

by Eric Disco
Mar 5

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I recently read Tucker Max’s book I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell. Aside from being highly entertaining, it provides some rare insight into the mindset of a true Natural. A drunken, funny scumbag of a Natural, but still a true Natural. If you haven’t read the book, I recommend it. It’s a quick and fun read.

Just from reading it, you can tell that this guy has massive game. The book doesn’t provide much in the way of practical advice on succeeding with women, but the insight into the his alpha character is priceless.

This book has become super popular. My brother-in-law gave it to me for Christmas this year. I gave him a copy of Neil Strauss’s The Game last year. (I’m assuming your read this. If not, get it now!).

What’s interesting is that on TuckerMax.com, Tucker reviews the game. You can tell Tucker knows what the fuck he’s talking about. But even better there are a lot of prescient advice threads in his forum where guys are asking questions about the game.

From Tuckermax.com:

The Question:

What do you recommend I do to keep the girl in my bed, but away from the dreaded phrases like “where is this going” or “I want to see more of you?”

The Answer:

This is an awesome question. Listen to me very carefully. I am going to answer this, and my answer will probably go against everything you’ve been taught or heard. I am going to impart a lesson on you that took me years to learn, and is probably the single greatest principle that I can pass on to another male (or female):

Tell the truth.

There is no greater freedom, there is no more potent weapon, there is nothing more conducive to mental health and stable relationships than being honest about who you are and what you want…

You tell the truth, and let her know how you want the relationship to be. She could get upset or realize that she wants more and break it off. That is a possibility. But if you are respectful (and a little smooth), you can do this in a way that not only solidifies the relationship the way you want it, but also makes her more into you in a less attached way.

I only learned this lesson about 3 years ago, and it opened up a whole new world to me. First off, I learned that there are many women who want basically the same thing I do, and that if I’m honest about it I get it much easier. Believe it or not, many women want to fuck almost as much as guys do. The only difference is that they are more selective with whom they fuck, and they generally want more of a defined relationship. They want to know where they stand.

When I started being honest, in a cool way–not a “I just wanna fuck” way–a whole new world opened up. Instead of having to seduce and spend money and feign commitment, I just told them what I wanted and the ones that were on the same page were immediately into me. I get so much more pussy for so much less work.

Furthermore, it really does free you up emotionally. I don’t care what anyone says, lying and concealment take a burden on the soul. When you release that shit, the burden goes with it. Over the last year I have had the two most meaningful romantic relationships of my life; one with a girl who unfortunately died when we were dating, and the one I was in with TheBunny. I have been able to have these because I finally realized what I want from a woman (see the thread about how to pick a mate), I told these girls about it, they had no problems, so we were able to go forward in a positive way. Had I met either of these girls 3 years ago, my mindset would have been “What do I have to say to fuck them,” instead of what it is now, and I wouldn’t have been able to connect with them emotionally because our relationship would start out as a lie and because we would have incompatible goals.

Telling the truth and being honest about your intentions is the final step of good mid-level game.

But the great man does not stop at mid-level game; he takes it a step farther. Advanced game in this situation is to pre-empt the question; to bring the subject up before she does. This is what I do now, and though the two things overlap somewhat, they are not the same.

This rings so true with me. “Tell the Truth” is a piece of advice my friend gave me years ago. At first I laughed at him when he told me he never lies. But then I realized that most of the time when I lied, it was to make other people feel better.

So I quit lying.

It is one of the healthiest things I’ve ever done. And it was completely selfish.

I don’t give a fuck what anybody thinks about anything. This is me. Like it or not.

Which isn’t to say I always blurt out everything I’m thinking. I’m smart about what I say. I just don’t say anything that isn’t true.


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