How Many Women I Approach and My Success Rate

by Eric Disco
Jul 5

A simple fact about meeting women that everyone knows to be true but no one talks about:

This is a numbers game.

The more times you can get up to bat, the more likely you are to get a hit.

If you approach ten women every day for a month, you are far more likely to get dates than if you approach one woman every day.

Sometimes a woman liking you is just random chance. You might do almost the same exact thing with five women. One woman will like you and four won’t.

And it won’t always be the least attractive woman who likes you!

Approaching in person means you can decide right away whether you are attracted to them, they are attracted to you and whether you want to spend time with her. You can figure this out all in less than five minutes.

Forget going on long, annoying, expensive dates with girls you meet online, not knowing if you’ll be attracted to them or they’ll be attracted to you.

Not only that…

The more often you approach, the better you’ll get with women.

And the more options you have with women, the more leverage you’ll have in your relationships. When you know you can meet women, you don’t act desperate in relationships.

Desperation is the worst cologne.

Here’s something else:

If you approach hotter women, you’re more likely to get into a relationships with more attractive women.

It’s possible you’ll have a lower success rate, but when you do get into a relationship, it will be with a more attractive woman.

The difficulty is mostly in dealing with rejection. That’s where mastering approach anxiety comes in. If you can’t harness your power to go out and meet women, you need to learn how.

Here’s an average day out for me:

  • I approach 10 women in 90 minutes.

How long and how often I go out fluctuates. I go through periods where I go out a lot. I approach 10 women every day for weeks. Other times I slow down a lot. Even at those times, I like to keep my whistle wet and flirt with at least one woman per day. Other factors include: The weather, my energy, my health, how busy I am, if I’m in an exclusive relationship, etc.

  • 5 approaches ‘hook’, meaning they actually continue the conversation with me.

The number of approaches that hook depends on your level of experience/expertise, how attractive the women are, etc. 50% is a good number for me. I approach very attractive women. If the number were higher, it might mean that the women weren’t attractive enough.

I rarely get blown out hard anymore, like women getting creeped out or angry that I talked to them, but it does happen once in a while. It doesn’t feel good when a woman won’t get into a conversation, but the negative feelings are negligible. And when I do get negative feelings, I know how to process them properly so they help me instead of hurt me.

  • Of the 5 approaches that hook, I reject 3 of those women.

Beyond just looks, I have a fairly high filter for what I’m interested in when it comes to women. Intelligence is the biggest filter. If I sense she’s not smart enough, I don’t want to hang out with her. I don’t need to dumb myself down just to get laid. Not worth it. There are other filters, like if she’s fun, creative, etc.

  • Of the remaining 2, I’ll usually ‘close’ 1 or 2, depending on whether there are other obstacles, like if she’s married, etc. 

By close, I mean that I get their phone number or give them my card.

Of the women I close, anywhere from 20% to 50% end up going out on a date with me.

  • This typically ends up around 1 or 2 dates per week.

And those are quality dates. Those dates are very different than the women you’d meet online: I know I’m attracted to them. I know they are attracted to me. And the quality of women is far higher because women online will quickly filter you out online based on hard facts like height, age, baldness. The hottest, most quality women don’t even do online dating.

There’s nothing like the power of being able to walk out your front door and start a relationship with a new person no matter where you are in life. If you need to learn how, grab my book on amazon or better yet, come see me for in-person coaching.


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