How a Guy can know when a Girl is Interested

by Eric Disco
Mar 15


This post is from Josef via Reddit.

I’m a gay man, and I think that’s why I’ve been able to notice these so well. I made this post so hopefully more guys can see it.

How a guy can know when a girl is interested:

  • If you’re talking to a cashier and she tells you for any reason when she gets off work, she wants you to come back.
  • If a girl gives you her number, on some level she is interested. Meaning she gives it to you without you prompting her first, though often if she gives it to you after you ask her it still means she’s interested.
  • If a girl repeatedly mentions how she wishes she had a nice guy to date, she is interested.
  • If a girl asks about your relationship status out of the blue, she is interested.
  • If a girl you don’t know approaches you and asks for the time, but then lingers in your vicinity, she wants you to come back up and approach her because she is interested.
  • If a girl who is not a best-friend type suggests watching a movie when you two are hanging out alone, she wants something to happen. She is interested.
  • If a girl says she “needs to talk to you”, but then it ends up being something really stupid like “I don’t know what colour to dye my hair”, then she probably chickened out of telling you she likes you.
  • Physical touching while a girl is having a conversation with you usually means she is interested.
  • Any time a girl seems to giggle WAY more than she should during a conversation, it means she is interested.
  • If a girl you’re not very close friends with mentions the fact she broke up with her ex and is looking for someone new, by God make a move! She is interested. This could mean it’s just a rebound relationship, but nonetheless she’s interested
  • sergebirault.fr8A girl almost never talks about wanting a one night stand to a guy unless she wants to with him. (This is more on the topic of sex than dating, but I thought I’d include it anyway)
  • This one blows my mind that some guys miss! If a girl asks to sit next to you somewhere where there are other viable empty places/tables to sit at, she’s interested!
  • If a girl starts talking about “how well you two get along”, she is interested in you.
  • If a non-best friend girl is with her friends and ditches them to hang out with you, she is interested in you.
  • If a girl tells you she’s lonely at home (by means of text, E-Mail, FaceBook, phone, etc. etc.), she wants you to come over! She most likely is interested in you!
  • If a girl says she’s really cold in an obviously warm environment, she probably wants you to warm her up (either through a hug or occasionally offering your jacket chivalrously). She’s interested in you.
  • If a girl starts complaining about how all the guys just want her for sex, and that she wishes she had a sweet guy, she’s interested in you. However, I can’t guarantee she’d really be the type most guys would want to date. At the same time, this can be one of the few less obvious hints, where she is testing how you react and judging your answer to see if you’re someone she’s interested in.
  • If a girl says she’s “new in town” and wants someone to show her around, nine times out of ten it’s because she’s trying to find an excuse to be around you one on one.
  • If a girl seems to be smiling with you way more than she does when she talks to other people, she’s interested in you.
  • I know it’s cliche, but a lot of girls still twirl their hair when flirting. Girls usually stop doing this by the time they’re 21.
  • A girl who keeps beating herself up on her looks, not only is she fishing for a compliment, she’s fishing for YOUR compliment. Though this usually means she’s interested in you, she could just be looking for attention. If she does it often to multiple people, it’s probably the latter.
  • sergebirault.fr2In most contexts, if a girl asks you how her outfit looks, she wants you to check her out. She is interested in you.
  • If a girl talks about how long she spent getting ready and then asks your opinion on how she looks, she did it to impress you. (If she does this when you and her had specifically made plans to hang out, it’s even more explicit. Exceptions to this rule are weddings, parties, etc. etc.)
  • Girls like confidence. If you think a girl is interested in you, go for it! The worst that happens is a no. If she has a worse reaction, she’s someone you wouldn’t want to be around anyway.
  • If a girl is constantly leaving you to talk very briefly to her other female friends, then runs back to you to talk more. She is interested in you and is filling them in on all the details. This is especially true if it’s accompanied by a lot of smiling.

Disclaimer: It’s impossible to know if these are always true in every situation, but from my experience they are true. Please don’t shoot me in the face if some turn out not to work for you.


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Nice article. Didn’t really answer my specific query, but then google is not helping on this one. I got a female friend always talks about what turns her on, specifically. “this phrase turns me on”, “this character is hot”, etc. The weird thing is she only seems to do it around me. The weirder thing is she is my ex, and I thought we were done, but she never stopped doing this particular habit. Granted, I am the one that left her after some…hurtful things were done, so maybe this is her way of showing that it’s only my choice that things are as they are? Eh. Dunno. Not sure if I want to go down that road again, either. I don’t want to be hurt again, but then again it’s been years and I’m sure she has grown up a little.

Ramble ramble ramble. Anyway, you deserve a comment, it’s a good article, even if I didn’t come here for your specific advices offered. 🙂

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