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by Eric Disco
Apr 3

Update: Here is the recording from the conference call:

This post is from my good friend Cory Skyy, one of the best guys in the world when it comes to women.

I was talking to a guy the other day and he was asking me all these questions about becoming good with women, questions like…

So how do I escalate sexually with her once I meet her?

What do I say?

Is there something you can show me that I could do the next time I am in the situation?

I told him, ask and you will receive, but understand one thing:

If you want something like this you need to be asking the right questions and those are all the wrong questions to be asking.

I said, take your focus off of women and spend more time looking in the mirror. That is the solution to all the external circumstances that will happen in your life.

So many guys look for things outside of themselves to get the girl or girls they want, what you need to realize is that you have everything within you right now to have all the women you desire.

Being a ladies’ man or a guy that women gravitate to is not about your looks, how tall, dark or handsome you are, it is about the energy or vibe you project when you walk out of your house.

This vibe is a non verbal, non tangible thing that you cannot touch.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that this vibe or energy I am referring to is a feeling and believe it or not, you and every other man on the planet have this feeling within you.

The reason most guys are unaware of this feeling is because it has been suppressed through their upbringing.

This feeling I am referring to that women naturally and instinctively gravitate to is called `sexual confidence’

It is a feeling just like being happy, or sad, angry, we all have it within us and through our thoughts we can control how we feel.

Special Invite: I would like to invite you to attend a Free Conference call today where I will be talking about this in more detail and will be available to answer any questions you may have regarding the topic.

I will also be talking about my new `Ladies Man Blue Print’ program that is coming up.

This is an extremely unique opportunity for each of the guys involved.

I am personally going to be taking 12 average guys from all different walks of life through a step by step program that will totally transform their lives into an attractive man that projects this `Sexual Confidence’ and naturally attracts beautiful women into their lives.


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