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    I know it says in Eric’s book that you have to go to a location where there are lots of pretty women that you can approach.

    The city I live in doesn’t have the type of women I’m into. Very rarely and they are always taken. So the best bet here is night game which is hard to build confidence with.

    So what should I do to solve the approach anxiety? Do the program on women I’m not attracted to or walk around all day until I see one? Planning on moving to a good city soon. Please give me advice. Thanks


    If you actually live in a city–even a small one–I find it almost impossible to believe that there aren’t girls for you. A rural area, small town, sure. But a city with thousands of people? Either you’re making excuses for yourself or you’re really not looking in the right places. A city should have bookshops, cafes, parks, stores, tons of places.

    What I did when I was back living at home for a year (in my late 30s!!) and in a moderately sized town of 30,000 people, was simply to drive to a larger (but still small) city. My home town really WAS too small–while there were some attractive girls, it was usually the young college crowd, all from that town anyway, so it felt claustrophobic. But I picked a bookstore in the next town over (about 3 times as large), and frequented it and some other places in the area so I wouldn’t repeat.

    Then sometimes, when I had some time, I’d go in to Washington DC (about an hour trip from where I lived) and try things out in a real city.

    But there are ALWAYS people around–you need to find the places that suit you, and look for them.


    If the girls are there at night, they are there in the day too. You just have to find them.

    Also don’t worry about whether they are taken at this point, if you are just trying to get over you approach anxiety then it doesn’t matter.

    Try clothes stores and places where women can buy shampoo/makeup etc. Those seem to be the best bets in my city.


    some cities don’t have much street game…
    In addition to the recommendations from the guys above, work the supermarkets….any single women you find there on weekday nights after 8 pm and weekends are almost always unattached.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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