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    hey guys,

    1. just curious on what has been your biggest breakthrough?

    2. and what are you still struggling with?


    I think my biggest breakthrough has been just realising that I have a lot to offer women.

    I have also realised how attractive honesty and is, and how much women are turned on by a guy who is unapologetic about his sexuality. I met a bunch of girls at a bar in Barcelona, and one of them was really cute. She was with another dude that night, but we talked on facebook and she later told me she was taken by how “shameless” I was in talking about sex and kinky stuff. The girl couldn’t speak english very well but she ended up flying over to London to see me. We had sex in the bathroom while her friend was asleep in my bedroom. I also made out with another one of her friends, so I definitely learned the power of sexual confidence that night.

    At the moment I am really struggling with leaving day-time conversations way too soon. I can open girls pretty consistently now, but as soon as the conversation gets awkward, or I run out of things to say, I bail. If I am going indirect, as soon as it’s about to become obvious I’m hitting on her, I bail. I’m sure I will get past it with enough practice, but I’m finding it pretty tough.


    Great revelations @SomeguyUK. I want to some day have similar stories to tell – practice it will be! And you will surely get over it.



    Expressing sexual interest, taking chances, pushing the boundaries of propriety – these things are always attractive. You do have to be careful, though. At the beginning, it’s easy to make the mistake of thinking that any kind of interest is attractive. The reason sexual interest is attractive is that, unless she’s wearing a burka, you know everything about her you need to know to determine if she’s sexually attractive. So yes, that’s honest. However, what you don’t know about her is whether she’s smart, funny, interesting, honest, loyal, good with people, etc. That’s why the most attractive position for a man – especially with the most desirable women – is sexual interest coupled with skepticism that she is otherwise good enough for you. Women find that combination very attractive. Think about it. It’s the very opposite of a needy state. Imagine some guy who doesn’t have any women in his life. What will be his approach? He’s going to minimize the sexual content of his interaction – the honest part – while maximizing the comfy, friendly, interested nice guy vibe – the part that’s actually dishonest because he doesn’t yet know that much about the girl he just met. So yes, more sexual tension plus more challenging, more skeptical interactions are the best type of game.



    Thanks man. I’ve been experimenting with this skepticism stuff a bit. I read one of Eric’s blogs on this site in which he was talking about qualification, and he recommended saying something like “oh you’re a lawyer, that’s interesting. But are you one of those girls that doesn’t know how to have fun?”

    I was talking to a really cute girl at a networking event the other day and I used that line, and what do you know, the girl ended up asking me for my details.I think maybe qualification has been the big thing missing from game as I’m good at talking to girls, but I don’t usually get them asking for my details.


    Incidentally, I kicked ass at the networking event, and it was down to the work I have put in with day game. It’s not scary at all to go up to strangers in that situation when you are used to approaching hot girls on the street.

    It’s great to see this stuff helping in other areas of life. I feel like I have grown some balls.


    I think us guys have A LOT to offer women, but we normally discount ourselves. We THINK that we have nothing to offer, just as how we THINK we have nothing to talk about.

    “owh, My life is boring. I have nothing to talk about.”

    but when you think about what you did last week, THAT could be your interesting story that you could share with others.

    we are our own worst enemy.


    I met a really cute girl this morning at a networking event. But unfortunately I only talked about work with her and didn’t talk about what her personal interest were. I also didn’t asked for her number. I only asked for her facebook, and so far she still hasn’t approved my friend request. sigh…

    oh well.



    As Eric says in the book, you gotta focus on the positive things you did. At least you met her and you got talking with her. You’re a significant step closer than a LOT of guys who want to meet that cute girl.

    I stopped a girl on the street today with a direct approach. Got a big smile out of her and she seemed willing to talk. Then I got all awkward and I came off a total weirdo. Oh well at least I had the balls to approach without hesitation, I know I couldn’t have done that a few months ago.

    As long as you’re pushing yourself, that’s all that matters.


    May I ask what this networking event was just because I would like to join similar events…


    Thanks man. I’ve been experimenting with this skepticism stuff a bit. I read one of Eric’s blogs on this site in which he was talking about qualification, and he recommended saying something like “oh you’re a lawyer, that’s interesting.

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