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    Eric Disco

    We need a thread on the forum just for the purpose of journaling our experiences with Six Steps….I guess this will do.

    I’ve got to say for starters that if you haven’t yet bought the book, stop thinking and do it. I’m so impressed – it’s better than anything I’ve read from any dating guru, and I’m only 50 pages in. Eric explains the WHY of approach anxiety better than anything I’ve seen, and his method of overcoming it could be applied to any fearful endeavour, as it is grounded in science.

    After getting a whole bunch of background theory, I reached the first exercise. It’s all about getting out there and finding an attractive woman you’d actually want to approach, then going through a visualisation that Eric describes. I walked around an area in my city that is one of the more popular, but obviously it wasn’t the right time of the day, as I did not encounter ONE woman I was attracted to!

    Then the weird thing happens that back at work I’m approached by this cutie who takes me by surprise as I’m buried in my duties. Instantly I’m feeling the attraction, all the while I can’t do anything about it as this is work and I’m now too damn busy. I think it’s just the case that you turn up the attention and you suddenly find things you didn’t notice before. Maybe. In any case, I’m hoping I find that lady outside of work who gives me the impetus to get through this exercise…..

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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