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    Here’s my last thread before I fade off into oblivion again, reality’s calling. But I just got back from a vacation in Vegas so I thought I’d give you guys a few tips before I leave.

    I went to Vegas solo. Mainly because I have a much better time alone than with friends. It’s more of an “adventure”. I took a nice suite in a luxury hotel on the strip and stayed for five nights. I figured I’d get laid because I always get laid in vegas (and no I don’t pay for it, I just get it thru pickup). But this time something was different. It’s like I expected to get laid. And I did.

    Now this isn’t a post to pat myself on the back. Quite truthfully I don’t even tell my closest friends about my conquests anymore cause nobody really cares. But I’m merely writing this to tell you how you too can have success. Because I’ve figured this shit out in the worst way.

    You’d think Vegas is an easy place to get laid. But it’s not really. I must’ve approached roughly 200 girls altogether to get it. I’m mainly talking about nightgame (bars/casinos/nightclubs) although I did daygame as well (mall). But nightgame really rules in vegas and it’s simple to approach a ton of girls at night. To give you an example, megaclubs in vegas especially during the weekends usually have upwards of 1500 women. The first night I got a girl up to my suite but she didn’t want to go any further than me licking her boobs. The last night of my stay though I went all the way because the girl was simply dtf. And we did it after talking to eachother for about 10 minutes. I don’t even know her name. I’m not so sure she even knows mine. It was just pure “let’s fuck” type of encounter.

    But the reason I got laid is due to my principles. Now sit back have a beer and I’m gonna explain my principles. And this is not just for vegas. This shit will work in any city.

    There’s a few things that make what I do work:

    Principle #1 – Volume. You need to approach ALOT. And I do mean *ALOT*. If you cannot approach girls then work on your AA. But get over it as soon as you can. Simply because girls don’t really “care” as much as you do that you’re approaching them. I think it’s a man’s invention that it’s a “big deal” or something to talk to women. But as soon as you see the truth, that they expect to be opened, then it makes approaching alot easier. When I’m in vegas I literally open any hot girl I see wherever I am. it can be during the day or night. there’s usually more during the night though cause I usually go to clubs/bars etc.

    Principle #2 – Polarizing/Screening. This is the biggest concept of all and what this entire post is about. You’ll find that if you don’t polarize chicks nothing will happen. And by polarize I mean let her know your intention loud and clear through touch or verbal. You almost wanna MAKE her freak out. This is different from the mentality of “omg what if she rejects me!” … NO! What I’m saying here, is TRY TO MAKE HER REJECT YOU by telling her exactly what’s on your mind. Because you want the frigid girls to leave so they don’t waste your time. this is crucial.

    Guys often have stupid conversations like “where are you from? what do you do?” and go into this comfort type of conversation. This is the worst actually. If you find yourself in the “comfort” zone with a girl then you’ve already blown it. Just walk away. Even if she wants to have sex she won’t do it with you because you’re simply not that “edgy” guys she met anymore. You need to go in hard from the start or you’ll just be marked as safe and boring.

    Girls, especially the ones that are dtf, like guys that come in strong. So avoid being “mr. nice guy” like the plague. Another bad things to do is lame game-playing stuff where the girl doesn’t know if you’re interested or not. Like you act like you’re not interested or other stupid shit that just wastes time.
    Here’s my conversation with a girl, my conversation generally lasts 3-5 minutes. I’ll indicate where I polarize:

    Me> hey what’s up
    Girl> hi (if she doesn’t say hi in a receptive way I just walk away at this point)
    Me> you look nice.. *grab her hand* (here’s #1 polarization: I take her by the hand and I don’t let go right away. Rather I hold it and I look deeply into her eyes like I want to bone her with a big smile… what I’m looking for is her receptivity level if she doesn’t look so pleased at what I’m doing this is a bad sign and I’ll generally just walk away.. some girls though, their eyes light up and that’s what I’m looking for)
    Girl> oh thanks!
    Me> having fun in vegas? *puts my arm around her* (Polarization: I wanna see if she’s down to me putting my arm around her and keeping it there. You’d be surprised that a good portion of girls are cool with this)
    Girl & Me> blablabla (we chat for a 3-5 minutes, there’s alot of physical contact in between)
    Me> Come join me for a drink, in my suite. (Polarization: that’s right. I tell her “in my suite”. I don’t fuck around. If she wasn’t interested in sex she would definitely say NO at this point. Sometimes before I’ll ask for “a drink, in my suite” I’ll just go in for the makeout. I find that if you make them horny enough there’s a better chance they’ll comply.

    Now another aspect to this is SCREENING. Sometimes I’ll just walk up to a girl and say “hey, you single?” and see what she says. Sometimes I’ll go a little less forward and just say “hey! who are you here with?” .. I’ve had girls say “my bf!” at that point I just walk away with “cool have fun”. I remember this one chick told me she was having a bachelorette party and she was the bride this was my conversation with her:
    me> heyyyyyy how’s it going, who’re you here with?
    her> it’s my bachelorette party
    me> oh you’re getting married?
    her> yes!
    me> *already walking away…* have fun!

    you see, it’s very important that if the girl is for whatever reason not “the one” you walk away as fast as possible from her because talking to her simply wastes time and you wanna find the girls that actually wanna get laid (and they are there, trust me.. but you just need to get good at looking for them). For example, sometimes you’ll talk to a really nerdy girl who doesn’t wanna drink or doesn’t wanna have fun like I’ll say “what’s your fun level tonight?” and if she says “oh I’m not here to have much fun…” I’ll just leave at that point.

    Similarly, if I’m having a conversation with a girl and it gets a bit dry I’ll do something provocative like hold her hand or put my arm around her and see how she reacts. if she takes her hand away, I bounce. That’s right I don’t even give her a second chance. Some guys like to do this whole thing where they get “shit tests” but I don’t like that. I’m looking for the super receptive girls because I like smooth sailing.

    Now, sometimes for whatever reason. The girl may not like the way you look or your style or something. And that’s fine. Just don’t worry about that. Just know that when you approach a girl and she is simply not receptive, just walk away. I remember in one club I said “hi” to this asian girl she didn’t look receptive to me so I just walked away. So “hi” was the only thing I said to her. I’m very good at spotting who I should stick around with.

    So basically, stop looking at this shit from a viewpoint of is the girl “rejecting” me. Start looking at this from the viewpoint of “does this girl wanna get laid by me tonight?” especially if that’s your goal. Polarizing really works for any goal though. Let’s say my goal is “I’m looking for a girlfriend”. That means that you need to polarize the fuck outta a girl to see if she’s your match. For example, if she doesn’t have a good sense of humor you just walk away. Or if she doesn’t come across as loyal or whatever you bounce. And you’ll also find that girls can sense that you’re judging them and they’ll respect you for it because they’ll see that you have certain qualities you are looking for. Polarizing is really a way of life.. It’s really the only way to do this. Know what you want, and reject any girl that doesn’t fit the bill.

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