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    There’s a personality type that I’ve run into at times–some of them have been friends of mine, sometimes people I just run into on occasion. They’re not good-looking, nor do they have any high status, or wealth or anything really–just that they’re likeable and charismatic. They’re known for being interested in sex, and friendships to them usually lie in the ambiguous zone where something ‘could’ happen (and often does), but it doesn’t have to. The “Friend Zone” as we know it somehow doesn’t seem to exist for these people.

    WIth these people, hookups–or relationships–might happen, often among their friends, but there’s rarely any ill-will if/when things don’t work out.

    These people are well-liked, fun to be around, and while their sexuality might be made fun of–that’s always done in a joking way, and is actually respected. That’s why these people remain friends with exes, etc.

    All in all, it seems like a pretty healthy way to live life.

    I wonder how difficult it is to develop (or, rather, to release) these qualities..


    Do you have an example of such a personality in movies, or tv series – as some point of reference form?


    oh, take the Austin Powers character, for example. It’s completely over-the-top but it gets the idea across. Idea is that you’re overtly sexual but unapologetic about it–and completely having fun with it. If you set up this type of persona, you’re ALLOWED to hit on close friends of yours–or anyone else who comes along–it’s part of your personality–and whether or not you’re taken up on it doesn’t matter.

    It takes the creepiness factor out of the equation since you’ve accepted your identity. That’s why it’s so effective.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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