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    Hi Lee, Eric and everyone on here

    I’ve never been a fan of texting. I think it’s absolutely pointless and a huge waste of time. Plus there’s the whole waiting for texts/replies for hours sometimes which I have to mirror; again, a huge waste of time.

    I have no problems picking up the phone and speaking to the girl directly because it just saves days of texting back and forth.

    The downside of it all is that a lot of girls would rather text than speak on the phone, and as aspiring PUA’s we have to adjust to that. So two questions:

    1) Which do you guys like more, texting or calling and why? which is more effective?

    2) What type of texts should I be sending out, right after meeting a girl, after first date, after few dates, and longer term (once you get there)?

    Thanks in advance,



    You will NEVER get a girl to pickup her phone when you call. Hmm, actually you do have a 1% chance. Most girls are nervous wrecks and they can’t handle the pressure of “omg!” talking to a real live person they barely know!!

    Instead, texts are king these days.

    If you must use the phone, text her, have her text you back and within that same second of her responding call her. that’s about the biggest chance u get she will answer.

    And for your second question, YES, YES, YES and YES.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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