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    I’m going to try and do a write-up at least once a week. I think I can commit to doing that. Any comments, feedback, encouragement etc. is much appreciated.

    A couple months ago I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to consistently approach girls during the day if I couldn’t stop girls who are walking. At least here on the west coast, cute girls are on the move.

    So over the past few weeks my main goal has been to be able to stop girls I like and tell them they are cute. At first all I felt comfortable doing is stopping in front of the girl as she walked toward me. I felt kind of creepy letting a girl walk by me then running after her.

    But one day I was really motivated and I was possessed to approach a girl. Nothing motivates me like seeing a girl I’m really attracted to. I was standing outside a grocery store and I saw this blonde walk by me. She was tan and was wearing a tight pink shirt.

    I hesitate at first but I decide to run after her. She crosses the crosswalk and when she gets to the other side I get ahead of her and turn around. She is looking down at her phone and in the middle of texting so I scare her when I say, “Excuse me…”

    She completely stops and I say, “I saw you back there and you are really cute and I had to stop you and say hi.” She smiles and says, “Thanks.”

    The first wall of resistance is getting her to stop. At this point I have her stopped and we are in conversation mode. I ask her how her day is going and she tells me she has the day off.

    I ask her if she has been on any fun vacations lately and she tells me that she just moved out here from North Carolina. It’s nice to meet girls who are new to the area because they are eager to meet people. I ask her if she likes it here and what inspired her to move here.

    She told me about her job working at a country club and since I golf I said, “So you’re going to hook me up with a free round right?”

    In all I talked with her for like two minutes. I probably could’ve connected with her a little longer but instead I kind of ran out of steam and decided to ask her out. She said she had a boyfriend and I pretty much shut down when I get the boyfriend line, but this girl was still showing some interest after she told me she had a boyfriend. She said she would probably see me around. I decided I would give her my business card. She took it and said, “Awesome.” I have no idea if this is ever a winning move but if there’s a chance why not?


    Eric Disco

    I went out to my spot to approach today and right away I saw a girl sitting on a bench waiting for the bus. I usually like to warm-up first but this girl was teed up for me. It’s much easier to get a conversation going if the girl is just sitting there bored.

    I went over close to her and I was into her immediately because she was a cute redhead. She was wearing a white dress shirt with a red tie, which meant she must’ve just got off work. I hesitated and walked past her but then I went back.

    I went up to her and said, “Excuse me” at first because she had headphones on. Then I said, “I was walking by and I just wanted to say hi.” She was into it.

    At first I asked her about her job and she works at this new deli down the street. So I asked her if that’s a cool place and she said yeah. I like to add in the banter line about wanting to marry a rich girl so I asked if she makes $1000 a day there. She laughed.

    I move on to another topic since I’m sure working at the deli isn’t something she’s really into. I ask her what she does with her days off. She says she has another job.

    Then I ask what she does for fun. She said she goes to the beach. Then she shared with me about a beach that she really likes.

    So the interaction is going well at this point. She seemed to be giggling a lot and I completely had her interest. There was a silent point and she picked it up by asking me what I was up to. I tell her what I did this weekend.

    Eric Disco


    I really tried to connect with her by asking if she was trying to do anything beyond working at a deli. I joked with her by asking if she had any aspirations of becoming an astronaut. She laughed.

    Then I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up when she was a little kid. She said she was always changing but then she said something with art. I press her a little more and she said she would want to design jewelery…

    Eric Disco

    …I ask her what inspired her to want to get into that…

    Eric Disco

    I guess I won’t be finishing the story because it won’t let me post it

    Eric Disco

    I thought my post was too long or something but I can’t even post paragraphs

    Eric Disco

    Hey Tay,

    Sorry you’re having problems with the forum. E-mail me your write-up and I’ll take a look. What do you mean when you say that it’s not even letting you post paragraphs?


    Eric Disco

    What do you mean when you say that it’s not even letting you post paragraphs?

    So I did my whole write-up and it didn’t let me post. Then I split it in half as you can see above. Then I couldn’t post the second half, only one paragraph. Then it wouldn’t even let me post a whole paragraph only a sentence. At that point I gave up.

    Eric Disco

    I just moved closer to the city and out of the suburbs so I haven’t been able to do much approaching lately. I went out today and was feeling a little frustrated. After almost three hours all I had done was a few warm-ups.

    I saw a cute girl ahead of me walking in my direction. Then she turned down a street and I followed her. I got close to her, we got near the bus stop and then she sat down. That threw me for a loop because I was planning on approaching while she was walking.

    So I walked by the stop, turned around and came back. There was a women sitting next to the cute girl and ‘performing’ in front of others still gives me issues, but I managed to approach the cute girl. She was a petite girl with dark hair in her mid 20s.

    I said, “I was just walking by and I wanted to say hi.”

    I asked her if she worked in the area and she said she did. I found out that she worked in a biology lab. She seemed like she was passionate about what she did. So I asked more about it. I asked her what inspired her to get into her field. She said she is applying to get into med school.

    I sat down next to her then I found out she also volunteers at an ER. I asked her what it felt like to be in there when it got crazy.

    She was asking me questions and I told her about myself. I think we connected pretty well. She was really sweet. I also asked her what she does with her days off.

    I talked with her for about 5-6 minutes and decided to ask her out before the bus came. She said yes and gave me her number. She didn’t seem hesitant at all so I think she might actually go out with me. I haven’t been on a date in a while so we’ll see what happens. My problem is I put too much expectations on one girl and think too much about her because I rarely go on dates; then it makes me nervous and I get too emotionally attached. The only solution I have found for this is to get another date with a different girl.


    Eric Disco

    I have been doing a bad job at approaching lately. I have been seeing this girl and we had sex so my motivation to approach is really low. This girl won’t be my girlfriend and I need to continue to approach so I am going to do ten approaches this week and write up short summaries of each.


    Eric Disco

    I fell well short of my goal; I only did 4. I need to do a better job.

    All of my openers were the same. The girl would be walking down the street and I would stop them and say, “Hey, you are really cute and I had to stop you and say hi.”

    1. The girl said, “huh?” right after I approached. When I got a closer look at her I didn’t think she was that cute and I instantly gave up and said, “nevermind.”
    2. The girl said she wasn’t from around here and was from New York and she walked off.
    3. This was a good approach. She was German and was in town for a few weeks. She didn’t speak English that well so it was mostly me talking. I haven’t been getting into conversation much lately so I was asking too many questions and wasn’t really going anywhere.
    4. Girl wasn’t into it and I wasn’t that into her so I left after a few statements.


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