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    I posted this yesterday but it didnt seem to work.

    I have been seeing a girl for 3-4 months. The sex is good but I find myself preferring to be quiet as we go. I will say things like that feels good or asking if she likes that. Which is good but gets repetitive. I have taking it further and called her my little slut and more dirty talk. Her reactions are fine but it just feels really unnatural too me.

    just thought Id post this and see if anyone here has suggestions.

    Introverted Playboy

    This is an interesting question. For me, sex is all about being totally in the moment and not thinking about anything. It’s purely about action and reaction, for both you and her. It sounds like you’re not really putting yourself into the present moment and you’re analyzing what’s happening like there’s a narrator in your head.

    I wouldn’t say anything that you don’t feel like saying or that feels unnatural. There’s no real “rules” here, it’s just whatever you feel like doing or saying. But the key is you have to own it 100% and not second-guess yourself. The only thing matters is your pleasure and her pleasure.

    So the question you want to ask yourself is, what do you REALLY want to say during sex with her?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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