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    A canned opener like do you know a good place for sushi around would be a good starter for a novice that can simply mean a simple innocent question but also has the potential to eat sometime together there…


    Difficulty in the street is not the opener. If you ask some location in the street like sushi restaurant, after she gives the direction, transition to more personal topics is very difficult. I made many approaches, but I wasnt successful. If you have experience, please give tips how to make conversation more personal, after the indirect opener. Lee has already gave one, but I could not try it yet.



    make it more open ended. “How do I get to Starbucks” is less engaging than “Can you recommend a good cafe around here?” or “Where’s a good place for a cheap lunch”? Those two can get her thinking, then you can use that to interact. Then maybe you can tease a bit on the response–or reject it, or something. “McDonalds? Come on, you’ve gotta be more creative than that…” or “Great. McDonalds So you’re personally responsible for everyone being so damn unhealthy in this country” or whatever… she’ll probably defend herself and try to comeup wiht something different, then you can play along for a bit

    for example

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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