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    Asked this gal last night to accompany me to an art reception at a local gallery. It’s this Saturday so I was wondering if I should confirm the date with her. If so, should I call or text?

    Eric Disco

    Definitely confirm. I don’t have all the details on your situation, but typically I confirm the day of the date. I would text and not call. You can send something a bit more normal like, “See you tonight,” or “You know how to get there?” or you can send her directions. Or you can do something more flirty like, “See you tonight. Don’t wear anything too sexy.”

    Since you made the date so early in the week, I would probably text her on Friday unless she seemed a bit flaky or tentative, in which case I would text her Saturday–the day of. That’s because you don’t want to act like you are putting too much importance on it. But if she seemed into it and excited, text her Friday.



    I gave her an event flyer which has the time/date and address for the gallery, but I suppose I should send a “You know how to get there” text anyway as a feeler?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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