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    What you said – and your reference to Manson’s explanation – is dead on. Status and value are not directly related to a man’s job or his income. Don’t get me wrong. These are things that women want to know about because, throughout history, it has been important to the survival and success of their children. That having been said, it is not possible for women to understand all of the disparate pursuits of every men who approaches them, so evolution has given them another way of quickly judging a man’s status and value. Women are adept at detecting the correlates of success, which is why – as Manson explains – potential for success is just as valuable as actual success.

    Two of those correlates are confidence and sexual risk taking. Successful men tend to be more confident, and men who have had
    success with women tend to be more daring in asking women for sex. I don’t know any school of pickup that disagrees on these points.

    However, there are other correlates of success and they are also very important. Here is one example. All else held equal, walking into a bar with two beautiful women will do wonders for your game. This is a type of status called pre-selection and it has nothing to do with money. It is perfectly reasonable for women to pay more attention to a man who has demonstrated that he is already desired by other desirable women.

    Challenging the women you meet and being skeptical about whether they are good enough for you is another correlate of sexual success. Men who have plenty of sexual options are not so eager to spend a lot of time on another. They are pickier and their conversations with women are more challenging. Women find this attitude very attractive.


    Did you just really post another video of a really good looking man in the prime of life succeeding with women who are not nearly as good looking as he is? Really? We all know that women like fit, good looking men, homeless or not. Yes, a guy can still fuck it up, but if he doesn’t, there is no mystery as to why he is successful. It’s called biology, not game. Game is taking someone who can’t get by on his good looks and some random chit chat and showing that person how to activate the attraction triggers that make him much more desirable to women.

    Also, it’s a fundamental misinterpretation of the desires of women to call 20-something female groupies who chase after 60 year old rock stars gold diggers. As the the biography of Motley Crue or any other popular rock band explains, these women go to great expense to sleep with these stars. They are the opposite of gold diggers. They are pure status seekers. Fortunately for the rest of us, status is a matter of perception. It is easy to change your status simply by changing a few bad behaviors.



    Wow what a thread
    I find myself mostly inspired by ryano and indeed I know an average looking friend of mine who is really having arousals everytime he sees an interesting looking girl. This has the following good results
    1. Girls feel that he is a pervert and get aroused
    2. Girls get a little hypnotized by his behavior (staring, sexuality, touching them subtly and other subtle moves)
    3. He is expressing this behavior to all interesting girls so to them is the guy that feels all girls can be having sexual action with them and every girl wishes to win his most interest
    4. I am sure that he is definitely fantasizing with all of them all the time. He is a sex machine…
    He is married and has lots of success with this style with girls that are mostly better looking than him.
    I think that this kind of game isn’t that easy to play if first you don’t have the confidence with lots of success with women OR if you are crazy pervert anyway!

    At least I find myself really exhausted in the thought of playing this kind of game all day long.
    But I have been in this nice position in the past when I happened to pursue and actually have three girlfriends simultaneously.
    Verdict is that a good strategy is to try first to be the nasty boy by dating some easier (but definitely interesting to you) girlfriends simultaneously.
    This nastiness will be the catalyst to be the kind of person my friend is…


    So now you’re back to looks? Women don’t care about looks or age either provided you’re dominant enough. There’s plenty of ugly pickup guys that come into mind: tom torero, krauser, etc. Also I know that’s not true because I’ve had some ugly friends that were good with women. I even know a guy in his 40s that all he does is hit on 18 year olds and is quite successful.

    LMS (looks, money, status) is not as important to women as men think. it’s mainly your ability to be funny, dominant, sexual, flirty, take charge. that kind of stuff (personality traits) is atleast 100 times more important. Here’s some vids..


    looks matter. to think it is not you need to be extremly naive. i know guys that girls are literaly approaching just becasue their looks. its much easier for good looking guy to get girls.

    even krasuser himself ( who by the way is averge looking , not ugly) confirms that looks matter.

    thsese vidos prove nothing. numbers mean nothing. sometimes girls give number out of politness, sometimes just to get rid of you, sometimes just to pump her ago by you chasing her but they know they will never go on date with you. sometimes they just give the number out of pity.

    do you really think this homless guy would have same results if he was ugly and old? besides its not irrevelant that women he approach where averge of below. i would even give any of them one look.

    even if looks matters you can still compensate your phisical apearence flaws by other traits like confidence, vibe etc.

    in most cases numbers today are useless.

    even if looks matters you can still compensate your phisical apearence by other traits like confidence, vibe etc.


    looks matter, but not the amount that men usually think. women always place personality traits above looks.

    however, if you give them looks as their only option to go by, for example online dating does this, then they WILL judge by looks. because most guys just do online dating then they think that looks are important.

    but as far as daygame, and actually approaching women, the only thing you need is to “take care of yourself” more so than how you look. so it’d be helpful if you have good posture, good fitted clothes, smell good, a body that looks like you actually go to the gym. but that’s about it. and that stuff is easy to fix.

    what’s harder to fix is to be free with your sexuality around women. actually flirt with them, physically escalate quickly, that sort of stuff. most men are horrible when it comes to that so women are limited by their options.


    Ha! These videos prove nothing, absolutely nothing. I had a student who got ten numbers per day and no dates whatsoever. Girls give numbers defensively. It all depends on how uncomfortable they feel in saying no. None of these look to me like genuine interest on the part of the girls, just the nervous laughter and energy of women who appreciate the validation and are looking to get out without a confrontation. If I had seen one of my students do this, I would have told him he had zero buy in. The video you posted of the Nordic guy sarging the 17 year old – at least, in that video, I saw buy-in. She was legitimately interested, and not just looking to a) get out of there quickly, or 2) make a pathetic fool feel good. Wish I didn’t have a day job so I could post a video that shows real buy-in πŸ™‚ Guys in New York who have seen me at work can tell you that it looks nothing like this.



    wtf dude you’re making this more complicated than it needs to be. besides, when a man approaches a girl during the day. he’s already doing, behaviorally what 99% of men wouldn’t do. and on TOP of that you’re insisting he have status and good looks? all I’m saying is he could have average looks and average status and he could easily end up having sex with her, as long as he keeps getting numbers which only serve to increase his chances… everything else is just complicating it for no reason.

    go up to a girl, don’t even get into a conversation with her. just ask if she’s single and take the number. oh and give her a little wink so she’ll know she might be getting f*cked.

    that’s it. any guy can do this.


    Totally incorrect. Only the best looking guys can do this. For the rest of us – for older men, for men who are not as good looking as Janka, or that Thor guy in your video, what you will likely get is some polite, nervous laughter, and a number that will never be answered. That number is not worth the piece of tree that was destroyed to write it. For average looking men, the game is status and value. Confidence and sexual risk taking are definitely a prerequisite, but are not sufficient to make it happen.



    It’s not like a guy can say “strawberry fields” or some other routine, and all of a sudden he’ll be a good looking guy, or a younger guy. I mean, people aren’t stupid. They know what they’re looking at.

    You introduce yourself, she either likes you or she doesn’t, and if she doesn’t you move on. That’s all I’m saying. Why is that so difficult. Why is that not enough?

    You’re implying that you need to come up with some form of entertainment. Tell them a scripted story? Perhaps juggling some balls or taking out a deck of cards? Please dude. Some of us have our limits. And there’s so many girls in this world I’m not doing a whole song and dance on each one of them specifically. To me, all that indicates is neediness.


    To me, it’s your game that’s needy. If it’s at all like these videos, it’s the freaking definition of needy. The men banter, joke, and dance like monkeys on a rope, and the girls barely play along. That Janka video is the cherry on the cake. I know that he’s real but that video is the definition of a scam. That girl didn’t ask him a single question. He just talked and talked and talked and asked for her number. Zero interest. The guys on here who are former students and sarging buddies who have been in the field with me understand what women should act like when a high value man is around. It looks nothing like these videos. No wonder it’s shocking to you that women contact me to ask me out. That is very unlikely to happen to anyone who runs your type of needy chasing game.



    Ryano, surely there has to be something better guys can do than just going up to girls and introducing themselves and ‘seeing if the girl likes them’.

    I mean, if you’re after quality, don’t you want to stand out from the crowd? I know some really hot girls and they get that shit all day. Hell, I know some not-so-hot girls that get it a lot too. There are tons of horny douchebags with little social skills that walk around the streets with their metaphorical dicks in their hands. Unless you happen to catch those girls on the right day, or you just happen to have their ideal look, I can’t see why they would pick you over any other guy.

    Personally I find it fairly easy to attract average looking girls, it’s the hot ones I find hard to crack. The interesting thing I have found is that you can attract average looking girls with humour easily enough. You can pretty much banter them into bed. But it doesn’t seem to work with really hot chicks. And I have a feeling it’s because EVERY guy who talks to them thinks “I know, I’ll win her over by making her laugh”. Again, wouldn’t it be more effective to try and stand out from the crowd rather than being the 10th guy to rock up that day and say his best banter lines? That’s the skill I want.


    to Lee
    can you explain what do you mean by status?

    i have averge job, averge life, i am not a rich guy neither gansgter nor rock star. not even a profesor.

    how am i going to demonstrate status?

    maybe you could make a video how you interact with a girl in the street inspite of you work shedlude? if you are busy with your day job you can still find some time on saturday or sunday πŸ™‚ it will be educational for all of us.


    No, you’re getting more wrong. And those videos don’t indicate my game. If anything my game is: no game. That’s my game.

    Meaning, I’m just a normal guy that goes and introduces himself to girls and capitalize on it when they seem horny. And I know how to read it off them like a book.

    I’m not arguing here. I’m telling you what worked for me. My experience speaks louder than you telling me it doesn’t work. I went from almost no success to full success and I know exactly what I did. If something else works for you great.

    I’m targeting the average to above average male in both status and looks that just wants to bang more females. My point is you don’t need to do jack SHIT as far as these “game techniques”. You don’t have to memorize stories. You just need to introduce yourself, tell the girl a sentence or two about yourself; make a little flirt; she reciprocates; and you get her number and you escalate from there. She may or may not like you, but it’s the fact that you got her number and you make your intent known, she’ll either got for it or she won’t. If she doesn’t, you find yourself another girl. That’s all that you need really.

    I usually just approach them during the day and get the number with 1-2 minutes, that’s 1 out of 5 girls will give me her number. And if I have sex with a girl, it’s generally on the first date, and again it’s about 1 out of 5 girls I take on a date where we have a sexual chemistry and it happens.

    But I know that if that’s what I’m seeking I can get it. Because I’ve proved it to myself so many times. And I’m talking about hot girls here. I only approach top 5% of girls according to my personal preferences.

    Works for me. And I know it could work for the average male if he implemented what I’m saying.

    Guys often get caught up with bullshit when a girl doesn’t work out they start worrying about what they did “wrong”. But it’s seldom the guy that does something wrong, it’s mainly a problem in logistics (see my post ‘Girls are Random’). I am simply saying, accept who you are. Make yourself more sexual around women, rinse and repeat, and that’s about it. What are you guys arguing about again?


    Yeah but dude you know that getting a phone number doesn’t mean shit unless she actually answers it – in fact, I think you said that exact thing to me in another thread on here!

    I’ve no doubt you get results with what you do. But you’re not really passing on much knowledge here other than try really hard, approach lots of women, act like you’re really horny. As you’ve said before your game is really based on biology, but you’re kinda telling guys not to bother with techniques that might be more helpful to beginners, or people with a biological disadvantage.


    I am not saying it’s so easy.

    Getting rid of sexual shame is a lengthy process that takes alot of work and dedication. It took me damn 3 years of work.

    But all it really builds is you being comfortable.

    The main thing is not to show discomfort when you’re talking and escalating girls it must be friendly and flirty where you’re both having a great time. Guys that are new to this are awkward and they find it very hard to get the girl to have fun. guys that have repressed emotions need to work a helluvalot to get there.

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