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    Hey Eric (or anyone that reads this), just had a quick question about persistence based off that post. I noticed you mentioned that texting a few times before getting a response is still a good approach. I was just wondering how many times with no responses do you text until you call it quits generally? Thanks!

    Eric Disco

    Persistence in real life shows that you’re fearless. That’s what it takes to keep going while someone is saying no right to your face. Persistence in texting does nothing for you. It just makes you seem more desperate. The way to handle a no or a lack of response to a text message is to wait a few weeks and send a ping. A ping is a light, flirty text message apropos of nothing. Wait for her to respond with some interest, then ask her out. Will it work? If she’s already said no or ignored you once, unlikely. But that’s your best bet with texting. Continuing to text after she ignores you or says no just lowers your value.


    Eric Disco

    Thanks for responding Lee!

    I was referring more to how Eric was talking about texting at the end of the post (if she responds to every other text or even every third text, then you’re golden). But I hear what you’re saying. I was asking cuz I thought things were well but then she didn’t respond to a text I sent (happened to two girls, the timing might be off like Eric talks about), so I was just seeing when to call it quits.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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