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    Hi, Guys. I’m not a native English speaker so maybe there will be mistakes in my writing. I’m 33 years old and I’ve been working with Eric’s “Shes’s six Steps Away” and is awesome. I’m at Step 4 and, even when sometimmes my deliverings are a little mechanic or seem too pre-planned (specially when using “general statements” about myself), I think I’m improving because two months ago I was literally scared about talking to girls, I would not even look at them because of my approach anxiety. So, congratulations to Eric for his masterpiece.
    Yesterday I started to read the posts in this Forum, and I found Eric’s comments about Glenn P book “Same day lay”. I’m interested in buying it but first I wanted to ask you if it would be good for a guy who is still working in the Six Step Method. I mean, maybe Glenn P book is stuff for guys who are far ahead in the Approach Anxiety Overcoming, maybe in the “Being Direct Step”. Do you think it would be adequate to read Glenn P book in addition to Eric’s book, or it would be better to wait until my balls grew a little bit ? Would it be a counterproductive ?
    Again, excuse me for my English. Thanks all of for your help to thousands of men in the same situation.


    Glenn is a great coach and also a friend, but I would wait to make that purchase. The books represent not only two different levels of pickup, but also two different styles. The conflicting advice will be confusing for you. If you’re really interested, buy Glenn’s book and put it aside until you finish Eric’s.



    Hi, Lee,
    thank you very much for your answer. I will follow your advice.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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