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    What are your thoughts about this? I think it sucks and makes me never want to try again.



    This is why it’s never a good idea to ask women about ways to approach them. You’ll always find conflicting information because all girls are different. My advice: choose a way to start talking to women and go with it through hell and back. And trust me, sometimes you will get hell and that’s fine. The idea is that SOME girls will LOVE it and will hand you their numbers. You need to learn to embrace rejection. A good sales book that talks about this is called: “Go for NO!”.

    As men, we do all the heavy lifting. The grunt work. Compliments are a socially acceptable way to begin talking to people. However, some girls will NOT like it, but it’s not your problem. You need to simply sift through the weeds to get to the flowers. That’s a main philosophy of the game. Basically, screening/polarizing people to the point where some hate you yet some love you. And giving girls compliments is an example of polarization. Some brats will stick their snouts up yet other girls will be completely flattered and throw their numbers at you. It’s a numbers game though. Embrace rejection or you will get nowhere in cold approaching.


    In surveys, women who are asked the question “What should a man do if he’s interested in meeting you?” overwhelmingly respond that a man should come over and introduce himself. They know that they will not be attracted to most of the men that approach them and they know that some of those approaches are going to be very awkward. Yet it’s clear that they don’t want to give up the possibility of meeting someone special and, consequently, are willing to subject themselves to this temporary discomfort. Sure, they would prefer that they were attracted to every man who approached them, but, short of that, they would prefer some awkward approaches to no approaches at all. Are there some bitches out there who are going to be pissed that, in their eyes, you are not worthy of approaching them but still do? Sure. But they don’t get to dictate to the majority what should be the standards of a man’s behavior in public. Most men are looking for true love, and if that search ruffles a few feathers, so be it. I can’t think of a more important reason to ruffle a few feathers.



    I am still a beginner but I have had some great interactions with really hot women by using a compliment as an opener.I It can absolutely work.

    I also give compliments to people all the time just to stay ‘warmed up’. I have learned actually something really interesting from doing this .Sometimes I say ‘love your jacket’ to a girl and I am not actually attracted to, and she will give me that ‘oh god who is this lame guy trying to hit on me’ reaction. And yet, I was not actually hitting on her. So, I guess some women just have their guard up and will make a lot of judgements about you for even talking to them.

    So what can we learn from that? Well, in my opinion it just teaches you that you should never take it personally when you don’t get the best reaction. She’s having a bad day, she just had some other guy creep her out, her mom just died – who knows. But if you were just giving her a compliment, it’s rarely about you.

    That said, I find I usually get positive or neutral reactions when giving compliments.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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