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    Sometimes I get shy to number close even though I get IOIs,,,would it be a good idea to number close every approach just to overcome this shyness over politeness?


    What you’re afraid of is judgement. There are ways of number closing without that sudden moment of judgement. For example:

    You: “Hey, this weekend, on Sunday, I’m meeting up with some friends for dinner but after that’s done, I’m going to head over to this place, Johnnie’s on Main Street. Best Margaritas in town, or so I’m told. You should tag along.”
    Her: “Oh, sorry, I can’t. I have to be up early Monday.”
    You: “Cool. Well, pleasure chatting. See you.”

    Why did you pull out? Because she didn’t suggest an alternative. If she had said yes or suggested an alternative, you would have said:

    “Cool. Give me your number and I’ll get in touch.” Hand her your phone and let her type it in.

    But the fact that she said no without suggesting an alternative means that any number you would have gotten would have been worthless.

    The difference between the above and directly asking for a number is that you’re never really asking. You’re telling her what you’re doing and telling her she should get along. If she doesn’t want to go she’ll just say she’s busy.

    Now, what if she’s busy that night but she wants to see you again? She’ll say something like:

    “Sunday’s bad. My parents are visiting. But I’m around next week.”

    In which case, you just say “Cool. Give me your number and I’ll get in touch.”


    Eric Disco

    Along with what Lee said, the answer is absolutely Yes. If you feel hesitation doing it, then it is best to first get into a habit of doing it. Use Lee’s script or come up with something even simpler. “I gotta go. It was fun talking with you. How can we continue this conversation?” Say it in ever interaction.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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