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    Hello I am new here and joined because I have a question about meeting a particular girl. The background story is kinda long so bare with me. I first saw this girl on Facebook about a year ago and added her. We now attend the same college. She is in a sorority and I have seen her twice in the gym about two weeks ago where both times I caught her looking at me and made eye contact with her once. I haven’t seen her since. I follow her on Instagram but she doesn’t follow me back. I have asked around and nobody I can come up with seems to know much of anything about her. I need some help as to trying to meet her in person or taking the low road and messaging her on Facebook which she appears to not get on very much at all. All advice is much appreciated. Thanks

    Eric Disco

    How is this different than any other random girl you’d approach? Just because you became facebook friends with her doesn’t mean you should now have a different approach. I would do exactly the same thing whether or not you are facebook friends with her. Facebook means nothing. In fact, I avoid being facebook friends with lovers.

    Approach her direct. Approach her indirect. Approach her any way you want. Don’t make reference to the fact that you’re facebook friends. In fact, if she brings it up, say, “What?! We’re facebook friends?!”


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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