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    This is a great mini-article in Forbes. It essentially sums up what it is to be “natural” — and what often gets missed in the “community” as too many of us spend too much time calculating to try to get past our own insecurities.

    Note: it’s not about dating, per se, so the “escalation” and “flirting” pieces aren’t expressly in there. It’s simply about how to be a charismatic person. It also completely disregards unhelpful topics that upset everyone like looks, money, power, etc. — and the “status” aspect simply comes from being the person they’re talking about. So it’s a healthy way of looking at things.

    But if you get these tips down, it’s a much easier segue into having an active dating/sex life.

    Article here:

    Eric Disco

    > They Don’t Try Too Hard

    This is an important one. There are certain people who give off a really strong vibe that they are trying to impress you. It’s the worst. Guys act like this ten times more around women. It’s not an easy thing to turn off and takes a lot of conscious practice for most ‘nice’ guys.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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