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    This is my last post here. Eric coached me a few years back (as well as a handful of other top coaches) and since then I’ve changed my life completely.

    I’m not seeking advice, rather I just want to give advice to a few of the newer guys here and part ways with this forum for good.

    Alot of guys new to this pickup stuff always seem to be concerned about what they’re doing right or wrong. I read it on this forum. I just want to tell you that the more you do this you’ll stifle your growth. Because it’s not about you. It’s not about what you say or don’t say, or how you act, or when you should message them, or if you should call them, none of that stuff is important beyond just approaching and escalating (because girls don’t have the capability to either approach OR escalate).

    Eric wrote a book called “she’s six steps away” and I used to devour this book. And it’s very good for guys that don’t know how to talk to girls whatsoever. But trust me when I tell you that you can pretty much go against everything in that book and things will still work as long as you’re actually attempting to talk to a girl, and leading her to your goal.

    Fact of the matter is, we live in a world of randomness. You can have a perfect date with a girl, 2 days later msg her, and she won’t message you back. You’ll come back to this forum wondering why. And I can tell you from my experience, it has nothing to do with you the MAJORITY of the time.

    There’s a million reasons beyond your control why a girl flakes. To give you an example. You go on a date with a girl, you really like her and she really likes you and everything’s perfect. Some guy she randomly meets then sweeps her off her feet the next day, she fucks him and forgets about you completely. Or alternatively, someone passes away and she becomes anti-social for a month. Or maybe she just randomly has an emotional swing and just hates guys. The reason she flakes on you is vast and infinite. A good thing to do is keep a bunch of girls in your phone and randomly text a handful from time to time. Never be upset at why they don’t message you back because there’s infinite reasons. Just keep persisting (in a non-needy way) and you’ll notice that all of a sudden one “bites” for no reason.

    One thing you DON’T want to do is question yourself about what you did wrong. I used to do this in my earlier days and it’s a downward spiral which really does damage to your confidence and takes alot of your precious time. Because the more you analyze yourself the less time you have of actually doing what’s important– approaching and escalating.

    The better you become at this you realize that the “game” is simply a logistics problem. Girls are fickle. You can have one girl hating you one week and loving you the next with no rhyme or reason other than what’s going on with her life.

    You can open a girl in the most perfect way, only for her to run off and think you’re a “creep” only to open another girl 3 minutes later with a dogshit opener and have her sleep with you that same day (happened to me on several occasions). My point is you were still the same person but you just ran across a girl that was more of a fit for you, or you ran across a girl that was lonely and just wanted to meet a man at that particular point in time moreso than the girl before her. Yet the girl before her might act like you were a “creep” but that’s bullshit. Never fall for that stuff.

    It doesn’t matter if the opener is direct or indirect either. I’ve had girls that I’ve creeped out with indirect openers that would have much rather me gone direct. And I’ve had girls that I creeped out with direct that would have preferred me going indirect.

    I spent alot of time trying to come up with the perfect way to do things only for it to blow up in my face time and time again.
    Until I finally realized that the most important thing is just to constantly take action, approach any way *I* want to, approach more girls, keep alot of girls in your phone and randomly text them. Get them on the date and lead them to what you want. Just act unfiltered. Just do whatever you FEEL like doing at that moment because that’s what will cause you to take the most action, and that’s what will make you spontaneous in her eyes. Realize that women’s nature is random and flakey (esp in the courtship phase), like all human beings. When they’re out of options all of a sudden they text you like the world is coming to an end. But they won’t do it themselves because girls don’t initiate– they’ll only do it when you suddenly text them and they’re in the right moment. Provided you didn’t make any serious errors like msging her “ohhhh god I NEED to lick your pussy!” or some weird shit like that. As long as you’re just humble and are there for her, she’ll come back.

    So my point is, open any way you want, direct indirect whatever. Text girls after 1 minute or text them after 2-3 days. Be suave or be silly. None of that shit matters. You can literally go against all “rules” and you’ll still come out on top with the right girl. The most important thing is to just be truthful to your own unique personality. Don’t do what someone else tells you to do. Do what YOU think makes sense. If you’re over 20 years old, you already know what to do because you’ve had many conversations and interactions in your life. You know what’s good and what’s bad as far as behaviors. You need to do what you think is good for you so you’ll attract your unique best match that likes you for you. Because, esp if you’re looking for a girlfriend you’ll have to make sure she chooses you specifically with all your imperfections. But there is no one size fits all. Just don’t overthink yourself, don’t try to impress them by being too “perfect” because that’s seriously what ruins you and makes them think you’re “trying” too hard.

    The important part is to do what you need to do as a man. And that’s just two things to do: approach and escalate. Women are passive and will not do these things for you. So a woman will never approach you. A woman will also never escalate on you on a date. She will NOT all of a sudden become flirty with you. It is your duty to direct the flirting process. It is your duty to spice things up.

    Here’s a ladder for you:

    1. Approach
    2. Get number
    3. Get her on a date
    4. Decide where to go on a date
    5. Be flirty on a date (thru touching, or nonverbal, or whatever)
    6. Invite her back to your place.
    7. Try to have sex with her.

    All of the above she will not help you with at all. Women are passive in this regard. She will not approach you. She will not all of a sudden for example text you and say “Are you free Friday to meet me?”. She will not be flirty with you on the date if you’re not flirty with her first. She is just sitting there and she mirrors you, that’s all she does. Accept that.

    But as far as HOW to do the above, I guess there’s better and worse ways but it doesn’t matter as long as you’re doing it as I said above in a way that reflects your true personality. All that matters is you atleast ATTEMPT the above because it shows that you lead. Everything else, all this nonsense I keep reading “when to text after a date, what to say, blablablabla” you just shoot yourself in the foot. Who gives a shit as long as you tried! That’s all you need. Keep doing that with many girls, eventually you’ll find the one that sticks; because she’s the one that really liked you for the way you truly are.



    No reason to leave this site just because some coaches here disagree with you. We love the alternative viewpoint, which is why we don’t erase the posts of people who disagree with us.

    In my opinion, you’re giving terrible advice. Study after serious study shows that women are not “random”, that there are predictable threads of behavior for both sexes, and that strategies based on an understanding of these behaviors work better than just opening your mouth and saying whatever comes to mind. That’s the reason I stopped teaching that random thoughts crap. I saw students doing much better with a more structured approach.

    That having been said, we’re glad it works for you and we still welcome hearing about your successes.



    I think saying girls are random is the same as saying the weather is random. It may appear that way because of missing information. If you had perfect information you would know the cause of every thing.

    So with girls you do not have perfect information but you have some information. Some things work better than others. The few times I have been able to be more physical with a girl, for example she lights up. The few times I have been able to spice up the conversation with sex she lights up.

    You are right that there are things that contribute more, and things that contribute less but if you are in it for the long haul why not improve as much as you can?



    hurricane, “you’re giving terrible advice”. I mean, it works for me. maybe it’s not what you do. But since when is just being your authentic self and telling guys to approach girls terrible advice?

    zhelyazko, nobody ever has perfect information. there’s alot beyond our control, especially when it comes to cold approaching a stranger. even if you talk to them for hours you don’t know what’s going on in their lives. the reasons why they flake or don’t give you their numbers is infinite.

    as far as improving yourself, of’course I agree with this. I go to the gym 5 days a week. I have a great career, I work on my style, have good friends and a loving family, etc. I’ve talked to thousands of girls thru daygame approaches so my confidence is pretty strong as far as the approach and how to handle myself on the date. But these are things I do for myself. Meaning, I work on myself, I don’t work on trying to get “girls to like me”. They either like me for myself or they do not. Similarly, I don’t try to copy what other guys do. I don’t have a “routine” I do. My dates are always spontaneous and different.

    Of’course you need a basic understanding of people, and social interactions, like you said being a bit more touchy and teasing on the date causes them to lighten up, etc. But beyond that you’ll find that more analysis, more forums, more bullshit that you read online on this subject eventually gets to a point of diminishing returns.

    And maybe you guys don’t understand me correctly, but here’s what I mean by random. Here’s two interactions I had today:

    1. Supermarket – got into a nice conversation with a girl browsing the aisles next to me, teased her a bit, asked her for her number. She said “sorry I’m not interested” and continued her shopping.

    2. Street – girl was jogging. I waved for her to stop. Me: “quick question, are you single?” Her: “yes” Me: “great let me get your number”. Her: “ok!” and gives it to me. We do a little chitchat as I’m entering her digits.

    Similarly, I’ve had plenty of situations where I’ve stopped joggers only for them to frown and run off and I’ve had many interactions like the one in the supermarket where the girls readily give me their number. If that’s not random I don’t know what is. Same thing with setting up dates, sometimes the girl flakes sometimes she doesn’t, sometimes I get laid sometimes I don’t. But I’m not sitting there analyzing myself constantly. I know what I’m doing is true to myself and I’m not gonna second guess myself.

    My point is, you can never predict what people are doing in their life. And no amount of bullshit game is gonna change their situation. I work on myself as much as I can, I initiate conversations and dates, and that’s the best I can do.


    here’s another example. You text a girl after you meet her, let’s say the day after. So you say “hey, Sue! It was nice meeting you the other day”. But she doesn’t respond. So you go to a forum seeking advice on what you did wrong. But when you send her the text she could’ve be blowing a different guy. She could be out of town. She could be on her period. She could’ve been in a state of depression. She could’ve not liked me for some reason- maybe I’m not her type, maybe I’m too old. Maybe I’m too young. Maybe she didn’t like my sunglasses. Her phone could’ve been off. She could’ve been in the mall with her friends and didn’t have her phone handy. She could have been on another planet. And on and on and on.. WHO GIVES A SHIT. Instead of taking my time to worry I’m just hitting on another girl or texting another girl instead.

    Yet most guys from what I’ve seen will go. “well, gee how should I have sent her the text…” maybe I did something wrong! then they go on a forum, they get some stupid gamey advice like, you should’ve sent her “Hey Sue, I saw a squirrel in the park and it’s smile reminded me of you”. But I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t matter. If she blew you off before due to her personal reasons, no matter what you would’ve done she would’ve blown you off. Trust me I spent a *LONG* time doing all that gamey shit to realize it hurts more than it helps because it shows the one thing that girls despise — neediness and coming across like you’re trying too hard to win them over.

    Or alternatively, say you see a girl that you try to get her number. She’ll see “no” for a myriad of reasons. Some will even go so far as to call you “creepy” or give you a weird look. Yet another girl that you approach a minute later with the same opener will think you’re the greatest guy ever!

    This girl that I’ve been sleeping with, I just texted her and she didn’t reply. Do you think I’m gonna sit here and say “ohh gee whiz, why didn’t she answer!! maybe I did something wrong”. Absolutely not. I just know that when I sent her the message it was probably not the right time..

    There are Yes, No, and Maybe girls out there but they’re not constant. A No girl can turn into a Maybe girl can turn into a Yes girl can turn into a No girl back again. They change and they change frequently.

    I once hit on a girl that worked in a cafe and she gave me an evil look and told me she had a boyfriend and looked at me like I was weird for even asking her out. Did I question myself on how I should’ve asked her? NO. I knew that I asked her and that’s what counts. Fast forward to a few months later, I saw her again and asked if she still has a boyfriend she said she didn’t, so I asked her out, she said yes and on the date we fucked like rabbits. Same girl that gave me a weird look the first time. Go figure. A no girl turned into a yes girl. Just by a factor of time. Not by what I said or didn’t say.

    Similarly, you can be in a supermarket, you can start talking to a girl about rice crispies and alternatively you can tell her a girl she look nice. As long as you in both cases just ASK her for the damn number you’ll get it — so long as she’s in the right place at the right time of her life, she’ll hand you that number. No amount of bullshit you did to start the conversation matters, no amount of push/pull or any of that crap matters.

    I guess what I’m trying to say to you all, after doing this for awhile and sleeping with more girls than I can dream of is, to forget all this gamey shit. You don’t need to shoot lightning rods out of your ass. if you want something from a girl JUST ASK. she either will or she won’t.


    Dude, there are some of us on here who wouldn’t even go out on a date with a girl who – as in your example – agreed to give us a number after exactly zero conversation. That’s the whole point of knowing how to give girls an interesting experience. When they appreciate it and know how to return the favor, you learn something important about them. I can’t tell you how many conversations with hot girls Eric and I abandoned, not because the girls weren’t interested, but because the interaction wasn’t interesting. What must a woman think of you if you’re willing to go on a date with her not even after an ordinary conversation but after no conversation at all? Any woman I’d want to date would think that’s pretty pathetic.



    That was just an example, it wasn’t the point of my post.. but if you want to go there, generally I talk to girls for atleast a few minutes before a number in daygame. Unless I instadate.

    But even if I do get a number very quickly (I go for quick numbers if I don’t feel motivated for talking or if I’m in a rush), I’ll generally tease them or try to gauge their humor level, if they have that along with looks, that’s good enough for me as far as wanting to take her on a date. if they’re duds, like you say, I don’t really go for the number if I’ve gone indirect, or if I’ve gone direct, I’ll go for the number but I won’t text them. studies have shown that it takes people only a few minutes to gauge their interest level in a partner, that’s why speed dating is so successful.

    again, I don’t try to qualify for the girl. I don’t try to give them an “experience”. They see that I’m well spoken, I have good style, I have humor and the confidence to approach them, that’s about all they need. so no, they don’t find it “pathetic”. most guys don’t even approach women during the day, so to them it’s admirable that I’m asking them out.

    as far as what I’m looking for, if a girl is sweet, has a bit of humor, looks good (most importantly). doesn’t take me to long to gauge MY interest. I can tell if I like a girl within about 60 seconds. also, I try to talk to about 5-10 girls a day which generally amounts to only about 1 or 2 numbers anyway. most have boyfriends or they walk away, or some other bullshit.


    I guess if you can tell in 60 seconds whether you like them – and they can say the same about you – there’s not much for us to talk about. I teach guys to give women an extraordinary experience and it’s not because I want them to qualify themselves to women. It’s because an extraordinary conversation is the best way to quickly get women to qualify themselves to men. There’s nothing wrong with what you want – there’s nothing wrong with sweet, pretty girls with a little bit of wit – but it’s kinda presumptuous of you to advise men who are quite a bit more discriminating than you to use an approach that gives them nothing more than what you’re willing to settle for, isn’t it? Do you know how many times I’ve walked away from a beautiful woman because she told me she doesn’t really read novels? You’re not saying that asking a girl about the potential uses of her backpack – as you did in a previous post – is a good substitute for the kinds of conversations I teach men to have with women, are you?



    You’re still fixated on that? lol. That was just an opener, I asked her if the backpack was for school she was sitting next to me, who cares.. I don’t milk the opener anyway I transition to a more personal conversation after that. You’d be surprised at some stupid openers I’ve used and it works a treat. It’s just a throw away comment to start talking. What are some of Eric’s openers in six steps, “do u know how to spell connoisseur?” .. “is there a zoo in central park? are there penguins in there? I really wanna see penguins” lol. who cares about the opener. means diddly.

    I already said before that merely talking to a girl and asking for number is not an everyday for most girls. The general population is scared to death to talk to them outside of a bar or online dating.

    So apart from me starting a conversation, teasing a little bit, and getting into basic normal chitchat do I need? Do I really need to go overboard and make it seem like I’m even “cooler” than that? That’s mystery method. That’s try hard. Girls are looking for a down to earth, regular guy, who asks them out. No more no less.

    Here’s a few approaches I’d consider pretty darn good and the amount of time they spend seems about right to me. this is what I’d do. to me this just comes across as “normal”. dunno what else you want me to do as far as extraordinary, shoot fireworks out of my ass? we’re just talking to girls here. there really isn’t anything extraordinary about it.

    first one is indirect with a bit of improv

    second one is just very basic direct

    third one again is just very basic


    I think what you are saying ryano (correct me if I am wrong) is that guys should just be themselves, right? Say what you want and do what you want.

    I agree with not doing things in order to gain approval from women.

    But dismissing the knowledge the pick up community offers is akin to dismissing martial arts, because you should just do what you want- no two fights (girls) will be the same, right. You lose some, you win some.

    But if you do not second guess yourself how can you improve? You can’t! You are stuck in the same place. If that place works for you why the heck not. But that does not alter the fact that game works and you can become better with women by studying it.

    And I do not think game is about shooting fireworks out of various cavities in your body. Rather, it’s the small things that make all the difference. For example, voice tone, eye contact, better stories, negs… I consider all of this “game”. So, in fact the more I do this the easier it gets and the more I grow, not the contrary.

    What do you consider “game”?


    These are your examples of good game?

    Before I comment, I’ll make this disclaimer. Videos are notoriously flawed as a tool for evaluating game. You have no idea if the girls in these videos wound up going on dates with the guys in these videos, whether these girls went on these dates because they were truly attracted to these guys or because they were just looking for validation, and what kind of frame the guys brought into those dates (which can affect the outcome of not only that date but any subsequent relationship as well).

    All that having been said, let’s assume that these videos resulted in dates so I can comment on what I saw.

    My first comment is that Eric and I wouldn’t actually go out with any of these girls. None of them showed the slightest bit of a unique, interesting personality, wit, intelligence, nothing. It’s a little pathetic that it was still enough for these guys. Actually, it probably wasn’t, but if you’re going to show a demo of a quick set, you’re not going to show one that has a complicated dynamic, so I understand why these guys didn’t push these girls to the edge, why they didn’t mess with them, and why they didn’t qualify them at all. They don’t actually care because they’re not actually trying to get them.

    I wouldn’t even call this game. When a man who is attractive enough approaches a woman who is not as attractive as he is, has an ordinary, pleasant conversation with her, and asks for her number, he’s going to get it. Most of the time, he’s going to get it because it’s easier for her to give it out than to say no, but some of the time, he’s going to get it because, even based on the flimsiest of conversations, he is more valuable than she is. It’s hard for us to tell which one of these forces is at work here but in either case, it’s not game.

    I live in New York. I’ve coached students who also had Janka as a coach. I’ve even talked to women who were approached by him. (Even in New York, there’s a limited number of really hot girls and his volume is pretty high.) Janka is a 9.5. (See this article: ) The girl he’s approaching in this video is an 8. Duh. Even so, I doubt this date actually happened. She’s giving him almost nothing. She’s answering his questions, but she’s not asking him any. She’s not at all excited or animated. A couple of times, she starts to turn away from his as if ready to go and he brings her back.

    At the end of this approach, he knows nothing about her. Nothing. Is she an idiot? Is she funny? Is she good at anything? If she actually did wind up going out with him, it’s even worse than it seems. She went out with a guy who she knew had zero information about her. What can we conclude is important to this girl? How high is her value?

    Even so, he does employ some elements of game. He offhandedly mentions he’s visiting buddies in Harvard law school and asks the girl about the weirdest tattoo she’s seen on a guy. He knows that this stuff works to make the conversation edgier and more interesting to her. He actually knows all about game, and not just his type of game. He’s just not using much of it in this approach. He knows he doesn’t have to. In person, he’s super honest. He tells you the truth about game, and I respect that.

    Now let’s look at the second video. It’s full of game, just not very good game. He starts out by telling her he’s really shy, which he clearly is not. It’s a lie that he thinks will make him more endearing. Then, he starts powdering her ass. According to this guy, everything is super cool about her – the city she lives in, her clothes, her name. Does he really think Astrid is a super cool name? Is that what you mean about being natural? Talk about chasing! Where is the part where she tries really hard to convince him she’s good enough for him? Nada. Bad, bad power dynamic. And, again, at the end of that set, he walks away knowing almost nothing about her. Nothing. Is she funny? Is she close to her family. Does she love what she does? Does she have any interests she’s passionate about? Is she good at anything? He knows nothing.

    Finally, we get to that last set, the tall, nordic hunk with a tan and ripped abs sarging that high school girl. You think that’s game, dude? That girl would be lucky to meet a guy like that, and she knows it. The second sentence out of her mouth is “Where are you from?”, a clear indication of interest. That conversation almost put me to sleep. Again, he leaves knowing nothing about her. Instead of really finding out something interesting about each other, they literally talk about the weather.

    In fact, he does inadvertently use some game. He asks her how old she is and acts surprised when she says 17. You want to understand game? Watch her immediately try to qualify herself after he asks that question. He didn’t do it on purpose, and he certainly doesn’t need it with this girl, but imagine the power of a whole bunch of good qualifying questions and stories for a man who can’t slide by on looks alone.

    Finally, listen to his big advice at the end of the video: stay fit, stay tan, get some ripped abs. Really?

    Dude, I’m nearing 50 and, though I’m tall, skinny, and have a good sense of style, I look 50. I’m not particularly good looking, only a 7. The girls I sarge when I go out with students are literally half my age. Before that conversation is over, they are qualifying themselves to me and explaining to me why they are not like the typical girls their age. I don’t even take their numbers. I give them a card, and they initiate contact. You know what makes a 26 year old super hottie actress email a man more than twenty years her senior? It’s not a conversation about the weather.



    Let me just start off by saying we’re not even remotely on the same page. And I’ll accept that. I respect that there’s alot of guys different than me in this world. And there’s more than one way to skin a cat. The “game” and all of it’s possibilities are endless. Similarly, guys with different personalities attract different types of girls.

    But one thing that just completely sets me off is:
    “My first comment is that Eric and I wouldn’t actually go out with any of these girls. None of them showed the slightest bit of a unique, interesting personality, wit, intelligence, nothing.”

    Really now? I want you to sit down for a second. Man to man. *takes a drag of a cigarette*

    You want to tell me, with a straight face, that you wouldn’t want to have that 17 year old girl in that 3rd vid with that firm round ass in your bed right now? If you honestly don’t, there’s nothing more I can talk to you about. I would bang her to smithereens if I had the chance (and provided it was legal in my state:). Personally, I could care less if she had the intelligence of a house fly. I don’t care if you’re 50 or you’re 100. As long as you’re a man, you see a girl you want to bang and you just do. doesn’t even take 60 seconds, takes about 1 second.

    Let me also say that I want to marry the RIGHT girl, but I sure as hell will FUCK all the WRONG girls, provided they are hot. I’m a warm blooded male. and don’t kid yourself we’re ALL like that. I’m not gonna sit there and act like now I need to “act” like I’m smarter then them or better then them and they need to qualify themselves to me. EVERYONE IS THE SAME of equal value at all times. We’re all just human. So instead of story telling time. I’ll look them right in the eye with a slight smirk, and be truthful that I want to date them. A playboy playmate doesn’t need to qualify herself for shit– I’ll tell you right now, just by looking at her. She got the job!

    I could give a shit about her personality.

    Now back to being a bit more serious about this stuff. Confidence is king. I don’t care how much you want to intellectualize this stuff. But your vibe is what dictates just about everything you get in life. When I’m on it, I could communicate more with a girl in an eye glance more than ANYONE could with all the stories in the world. Women are attracted to sex, dominance and vibe. How can vibe even be described? It’s simply believing that you’re the BEST regardless of if it’s true or not. if you’ve ever witnessed it, it’s when you got into state after a few solid approaches. you feel like the cat’s meow. you exude confidence in every step you take. To your example, of’course I can talk to a girl about the weather and she’ll want to sleep with me provided my intonation, my eye contact, my posture, and everything else that’s about 100 times more important than verbal game is. All the stories in the world couldn’t help a man that looks like he’s shaking in his boots when he talks to a girl. As long as I make her wet I can get her to do anything I want, any man of any age could. It’s a matter of sexual tension and your ability to produce it. Take a look at Eyes Wide Shut when Nicole Kidman is dancing with the silver fox (probably in his late 50s in that movie), he was pushing all the right buttons. Same with scent of a woman where Al Pacino dances with that girl. It’s all about sexual tension and VIBE.. it sure as hell isn’t a woody allen movie, where woody meets a woman in supermarket and talks her ears off.

    To zhelyasko,

    I’m not dismissing the knowledge of the community. I simply adhere to a certain part of the community. And it always boils to this argument I’m having right here and which way you take.

    What I like:
    male dominance, assertiveness, honesty, improvisation (not rehearsing ANYTHING), polarization (see here:, not trying to get “girls to like me”, not trying to act like I’m bigger or more important than I am, being true to my sexual self and making sure the woman knows it. Note: I am not talking about indirect or direct openers. That doesn’t mean jack. You can use ANY way you want to start a conversation. I mean the overall vibe you have with the woman.

    What I don’t like:
    push/pull, qualification, “negging”, intellectualization, rationalization, stories, gimicks, routines, late night infomercials, that sort of thing.

    Guys I like to read:
    Paul Janka, Good looking Loser

    Guys I dont like to read:
    RooshV, KrauserPua, Justin Wayne, MysteryMethod, Tom Torero,, RSD (which even though they preach direct are completely indirect and gamey).

    And if there’s one thing I’d like to part on you, is to not rehearse lines or stories to a girl. Not to try to manipulate people or use gimicks on them. Sure Paul uses a few indirect lines to start a conversation with a girl, but his whole vibe (ie essence) is that of dominance and being completely honest that he wants to have sex with a girl. Read his material, he’s all about that. that’s who he is. sure jezebel and other feminazis give him hell for it, but it’s not much different than romance novels. Guys want to FUCK girls. That’s what counts at the end of the day and that’s what girls appreciate. It’s a myth that women want to be “intellectualized” women want to be made love to in the worst way. read *ANY* romance novel. the whole damn thing revolves around sex.

    btw “I give them a card, and they initiate contact.” not saying you don’t get an occasional woman to contact you on her own volition. but by and large we all know that women don’t initiate jack shit.


    Dude, what I am talking about – having women chase you – is not in your reality precisely for the reason you yourself are giving us: as soon as you see a beautiful woman, you’re already sold. A woman can tell when you’re already sold. That’s why women won’t chase you and they will chase me. In the past ten years, every woman I’ve dated has initiated contact with me, including my last long term girlfriend whom I met on a subway platform. On this site are former students and friends who have seen me do it again and again, and have met the women I’ve met this way. Eric and I walk away from women more beautiful than the three in these videos at least a handful of times each week. No, I wouldn’t want the 17 year old in that video. I’m going to have to spend an evening romancing her and my evenings are worth so much more than the cheap thrill of banging an empty headed high school student. In the past ten years, when I wasn’t in a relationship, I had plenty of beautiful women in my life who were also fun, intelligent, and interesting, which is something none of the guys in this video even bothered to find out about the girls they approached. You want to be one of these guys? More power to you. Just realize that you’re playing a game most men who come to me would not want to play.



    Let me just end my post and say I do respect your work and effort. I think there’s alot of things to learn from all types of game. My post above was written a bit tongue-in-cheek, esp the part about just wanting to bang a hot girl.. Of’course being a more creative individual that can make a better experience for the girl is important. As well as finding the right woman that we can appreciate for her personality. Throughout the last couple of years I learned a ton from both you and Eric and I thank you for your help. Anyway, take care all!

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