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    I had a weird experience today. I opened this girl in a clothes shop and she immediately got really chatty with me, asking my opinion on a jacket she was trying on. After that we talked for about 10 minutes, mostly about travel, but it was 95% her doing the talking. I don’t think I managed to finish a single sentence without her cutting me off.

    I think the girl actually liked me because she re-opened me on the escalator after we’d said our goodbyes. She asked me if I was shopping but then as soon as I responded she went off on one again. We left knowing nothing about each other.

    Looking back I guess I could have just gone completely silent and waited for her to ask me something.

    How would you guys interpret this situation? What would you do?


    Well these are the most energetic women on bed which often means there aren’t that hot.
    And surely she is nuts…
    I wouldn’t spend lots of energy since she can be persistent and ultimately get on my nerves.
    That’s why they say why guys love so much blowjobs… Because they enjoy 15 minutes of silence…..!


    Losing control of the interaction is a common mistake. If she was talking that much, it means she was nervous, and she was probably nervous because she liked you. In situations like that, it’s best to just call it out:

    “Hey, hey, hey. Hold on one second. You’ve been going non stop like a machinegun. When is it my turn to ask you a question?”

    Ask your question. Let her answer. Then say:

    “Ok, your turn. Ask me a question. See how this works?”

    She wants you to take charge. She’s just not helping you do it.



    Will try that next time, thanks man.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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