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    I’m realizing more and more that I’m very analytical and want to know exactly what to do otherwise I think too much and get overwhelmed. I think your book is amazing, Eric but I didn’t take notes the last time I read it. I should reread it and take notes.

    I’m going on a trip to a foreign country soon and want to make a game plan for day game there.

    I think my opener will be asking directions to a well known landmark.

    Then maybe ask her what her favourite thing to see is in that city.

    Then maybe tell her what I’m doing there/say something about myself/bait her by saying, “Where I’m from….” So that she invests by asking where I’m from. (That is a day game technique I read somewhere)

    Then make an assumption about her. Maybe about her career. Then tease if possible.

    Then qualify.

    Then number close.

    Would appreciate your thoughts on this, Eric. Not sure if I fully followed your system here. Thanks!


    I am originally from Europe and it really depends where you go. In some countries like Italy or Spain flirting with strange girls is part of social norm in some places like eastern Europe you may end up getting punched in the face. Do your research and get the feel for the place. Europe is not uniform. Getting directions cannot hurt. I would start there, or ask for translation, it is more engaging and open ended. You can come up with something flirty too…

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    It actually gave me an idea. I may use my accent here at home to pose as a foreigner and then when we get to it admit that I lived here and I just wanted to talk to her. Let’s see if this will come back and bite me??:) Will look natural at least.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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