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    Hey random question but if a first date doesn’t go well from your perspective, should you tell the girl that you aren’t interested or just stop texting her at all??

    Today in the morning i had a first coffee date with a girl that i recently met, but there were a few things that turned me off about her although she is quite attractive and has a job as a model lol. She never initiates texts, always has one word or vague replies but says she just isn’t a good texter. She wanted to meet up for date 2 and i said we’d discuss that later. It seems she is interested.However i am not haha. How do i show/tell her im not interested?


    Eric Disco

    Don’t tell her you’re not interested. The only time you should tell a girl that you’re not interested is if she keeps pushing or you feel there was a real connection there after sleeping together a few times. If you haven’t slept together you can pretty much do the fade-away. Just don’t return texts or return them really slow and indicate you’re ‘busy’ every time she wants to hang out. If she keeps inviting you out more than once, then yes, I would tell her you’re not interested.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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